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Live at Common Ground

By November 30, 2012May 24th, 2019No Comments

Last night was a very special evening here at Common Ground.  Chris Jaeb and the staff here hosted a fabulous plant-based dinner for about 50 people, prepared by Common Ground’s executive chef Rodman Machado (future podcast guest) with Vitamix blends mixed by Julie and my boys, followed by a little talk I gave.

We broadcasted the talk live on Livestream, but it was a bit too late at night for most people to view contemporaneously, so thought I would share the archived video here.

We are still working out the broadcasting tech, so apologies for the rather low volume level.  And about halfway through, the power went out in the entire area – you could hear a transformer blow in the distance.  Anyway, if you have some time to kill, give it a watch.

For the record, I am over the moon with all the positive feedback I have received on the initial podcast episode, which far exceeded my expectations.  Thanks for listening and all the great comments.  We are finally now up on both Stitcher and   iTunes, so if you enjoyed Episode #1, feel free to subscribe.  I’m lining up some great guests for the next few weeks, starting with Common Ground founder Chris Jaeb, which I will be recording this afternoon and hope to also Livestream.

The podcast is of course free and will always be free.  But it isn’t free to produce and distribute.  So if you enjoyed it and want to support the program, please tell a friend.  And if you are going to buy something on Amazon*, then it would be great if you first clicked through to Amazon via the banner ad on the right hand side of this blog – it costs you absolutely nothing and will throw a few pennies into the pot to help us cover bandwidth and hosting expenses.

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Watch live streaming video from commongroundlive at

Watch live streaming video from commongroundlive at

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