Introducing The Rich Roll Podcast

In the debut episode of the Rich Roll Podcast, Rich converses with his wife Julie Piatt about life in Kauai, sustainable lifestyle, enhancing your personal creativity and homeschooling.


I’ve been talking about doing a podcast for what seems like eons.  For whatever reason, I just couldn’t seem to get around to actually figuring out how to do it, let alone get it done.  But I finally found the time to sort through at least the initial barrier configuration issues and am happy to announce my virgin episode, which features my wife and (much) better half Julie Piatt.

We are still sorting through some tech issues so it’s far from studio polished, aside from the killer intro / outro music courtesy of my very talented son Tyler and nephew Harrison!  The sound from this episode is admittedly a bit echo-y due to the warehouse recording environment– and I have yet to configure it for video and livestream broadcasting, which I am currently working on.  But rather than wait until I had everything perfect, I wanted to just begin.  Start slow and organically and let it grow as I find my voice and legs so to speak.  I’m far from a professional broadcaster, but I hope that through this effort I can bring some insights and interesting people to your ears that will both enlighten, provoke and entertain.

First off – this is NOT a “triathlon training / coaching” styled podcast.  There are plenty of those out there already that are very well done ( Zen Triathlon and IMTalk are my faves for this), so if you are looking for a podcast that is very narrowly tailored to this specific subject and this subject only, then I fear my program may not be exactly what you are looking for.  And yet, I implore to nonetheless give it a trial run with an open mind (and ears).

Instead, my plan is to provide a long-form discussion platform to raise and converse about a wide variety of subjects that interest me.  Certainly, triathlon, running, cycling, swimming, training, fitness in general and everything that goes into that is of course a subject that interests me dearly, so of course I will be programming helpful information in this regard.  But my focus will broaden from there into plant-based nutrition for the athlete and everyman (and woman); wellness in general; spirituality; yoga & meditation; and sustainable lifestyle.

Most importantly, my desire is to create a platform to help lead the way to unlocking the best version of yourself.  How to live more authentically.  And thrive from the heart.

I hope you enjoy this first episode.  Many more in the works and I hope to record at least 2 to 3 of these per week.

I am very interested in your thoughts on the episode, comments in general and ideas for future episodes.  In the comments section below, PLEASE let me know what YOU think, would be interested in hearing me talk about in future episodes, people you would like me to interview, and anything else on your mind.  I’m wide open.

Feel free to share.  In fact, if you enjoyed the piece I would love it if you could help spread the word.  You can even embed the audio player on your site as you wish.

The podcast is now live on Stitcher (see widget below) and has been submitted to iTunes & Blackberry services and should be available for subscription and download on those various sometime in the next 48 hours, at which point I will update this post with the subscription links.

NOTE: 11.29.12: The podcast is now live on iTunes HERE

Thanks for listening and look forward to your thoughts.

Peace + Plants!


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