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Introducing The Rich Roll Podcast

By November 27, 2012June 14th, 202362 Comments

In the debut episode of the Rich Roll Podcast, Rich converses with his wife Julie Piatt about life in Kauai, sustainable lifestyle, enhancing your personal creativity and homeschooling.


I’ve been talking about doing a podcast for what seems like eons.  For whatever reason, I just couldn’t seem to get around to actually figuring out how to do it, let alone get it done.  But I finally found the time to sort through at least the initial barrier configuration issues and am happy to announce my virgin episode, which features my wife and (much) better half Julie Piatt.

We are still sorting through some tech issues so it’s far from studio polished, aside from the killer intro / outro music courtesy of my very talented son Tyler and nephew Harrison!  The sound from this episode is admittedly a bit echo-y due to the warehouse recording environment– and I have yet to configure it for video and livestream broadcasting, which I am currently working on.  But rather than wait until I had everything perfect, I wanted to just begin.  Start slow and organically and let it grow as I find my voice and legs so to speak.  I’m far from a professional broadcaster, but I hope that through this effort I can bring some insights and interesting people to your ears that will both enlighten, provoke and entertain.

First off – this is NOT a “triathlon training / coaching” styled podcast.  There are plenty of those out there already that are very well done ( Zen Triathlon and IMTalk are my faves for this), so if you are looking for a podcast that is very narrowly tailored to this specific subject and this subject only, then I fear my program may not be exactly what you are looking for.  And yet, I implore to nonetheless give it a trial run with an open mind (and ears).

Instead, my plan is to provide a long-form discussion platform to raise and converse about a wide variety of subjects that interest me.  Certainly, triathlon, running, cycling, swimming, training, fitness in general and everything that goes into that is of course a subject that interests me dearly, so of course I will be programming helpful information in this regard.  But my focus will broaden from there into plant-based nutrition for the athlete and everyman (and woman); wellness in general; spirituality; yoga & meditation; and sustainable lifestyle.

Most importantly, my desire is to create a platform to help lead the way to unlocking the best version of yourself.  How to live more authentically.  And thrive from the heart.

I hope you enjoy this first episode.  Many more in the works and I hope to record at least 2 to 3 of these per week.

I am very interested in your thoughts on the episode, comments in general and ideas for future episodes.  In the comments section below, PLEASE let me know what YOU think, would be interested in hearing me talk about in future episodes, people you would like me to interview, and anything else on your mind.  I’m wide open.

Feel free to share.  In fact, if you enjoyed the piece I would love it if you could help spread the word.  Thanks for listening and look forward to your thoughts.

Peace + Plants!


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  • Alexandru Constantin says:

    ohh god…why I don’t have you as my parents…? 🙂

  • Angie Byrd says:

    Wow….I enjoyed every second of the first podcast! I have been following you guys for several months – I found Rich from a MindBodyGreen article I think? All the topics you guys discussed from spirituality, to connection, to homeschooling (we have 2 kids), to “detached action” really spoke to my heart. My husband of 18 years and I have been leading a sort of double life for the past 10ish years where what was being projected on the outside (nice house, right neighborhood, right toys, right schools, blah, blah) was not matching up with our internal spiritual work. In March of this year, the Universe gave us a financial event to help guide us to what we have always known to be true, but had just forgotten. It has been quite hard at times, but we have never felt better about where we are. We still have some shedding to do of some of the ego-based material things we once thought were important…which might take a little more time. But we are moving in the right direction and it feels good. We are looking to homeschool our 7th-grade son after the holidays, which is exciting, we are looking to possibly move to another community (we live in Charleston SC), travel more, or a combination, and good real food is important to us. Asheville, NC is on our radar – which Rich mentioned….it’s wonderful! I just really felt like the conversation you were having was one out of my own living room. Thank you.

    Keep up the great work. There are a lot of us out here that very much appreciate what you guys are doing. It is inspiring to see the choices your family is making, and making them work. Can’t wait for the next podcast and definitely have Julie back as a guest!

  • Michael Walker says:

    Thanks for this, Rich. One topic I’d certainly like to hear about is fasting, and the various options with fasting that advocates are sharing concerning the killing of cancer cells and prolonging life overall.

  • payitfwd says:

    Great podcast… little bit of an echo though. Looking forward to more in the future.

  • Erick says:

    Deeply thoughtful and insightful. Thank you Rich and Julie for so honestly sharing yourselves. It is certainly evident that you are embarking on and daring beautiful new level of living and consciousness. I urge you to continue forward! I will eagerly be waiting for more podcasts!

  • Melissa Ratti says:

    i put this on while i was working so i could still get work done but also support your podcast. i love the authenticity between you two. i wish more of society could see what a whole, healthy marriage looks like. keep up the positive energy! ~Melissa Ratti

  • @richroll @jaiseed Thought the podcast was great. Could listen to your family’s story for days. For @jaiseed: What book do you recommend to start in terms of reading about spirituality?

  • Julie you are incredible! I could listen to you talk for hrs, it would be great to have you in every podcast! Thank you both for being so inspiring and sharing your life’s lessons with all of us.

  • Mark Power says:

    Great podcast, full of interesting topics, really nice job. Definate future subscriber here.

  • Steve Parent says:

    Excellent first podcast, especially when Julie found her wheelhouse about half way through. Your continued honesty and openness will make this successful. Well done. Regarding living on the island, my wife and I spent a year and a half living on the beach in central California, and although it was astonishingly beautiful, I found that “beauty” gets old, at least without the other things I missed such as museums, galleries, and urban energy. We also have considered places such as Austin and Charlottesville, but are still in LA, not having found the perfect city as of yet. Curious to hear your thoughts as you spend more time in paradise. We found that our favorite weekend spot was not our favorite place to live. p.s. I ran Chesebro this morning in your absence. 🙂

  • Steve Parent says:

    Asheville that is, not Charlottesville.

  • Tom Oplanic says:

    Impressed with the first podcast. Very informative of your first weeks at Common Ground and hearing in depth on how the move came to be. Great to hear the back and forth about education, lifestyle, and spiritual views. Keep the podcasts coming, you got a listener here.

  • Mikael says:

    Great job. I always like hearing your voices.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your vision for the future (always in transition), and what actual living life looks like for you and the family.

    Keep up the good work. I’m a listener for sure.

  • Great move with a podcast, but I’ll have to put it on my listen later list. I must say that an hour and a half is looong. I’d prefer shorter, and maybe focused on a specific topic per issue instead.

  • Carlos Varela says:

    loved it! keep ’em coming!

  • Julie Piatt says:

    Thank you for the support Darren, some excellent books are: “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Yogananda- a classic! And newer perspectives “Oneness” by Rasha,& “The New Earth” by Ekhart Tolle- blessings to you!

  • Nathan McQueen says:

    Hey Rich! Thanks for sharing that, it was a breathe of fresh air! I really liked how you just went through and started in the warehouse as you said organically, because as you mentioned before with people asking questions for training or eating, there’s no point where you can be a master of the technique right off the bat and then start what it is you want. Without starting somewhere and having a beginning point may not be perfect but in the end it’s a perfect start to something thats going to be great, I thought it was an awesome first episode and to share it with your wife must have been cool and was great conversation. As for feedback I’d say keep doing what you’re doing, I think choosing interesting people and just going with the flow and seeing where the podcast goes would be best, as you mentioned you were thinking an 1hr and it went about half hour more and was very insightful, thought provoking and just a time to reflect on our own decisions and thoughts and hear how you and your family are making changes in your lives. Blessed to have you sharing your journey and helping others as myself find my own path that best aligns with my heart. I’ve watched some very deep documentaries on the planet and how we relate to our future with the earth and how we can contribute and give back in a more positive manner. Many people state it’s such a huge burden and they have no clue where to start which at times I feel myself, but I think it’s great what you and your family are doing at common ground and going back to bare roots. We may not all be able to hit that state but I think if everyone gets in touch with there alignment of heart and where they want to be and try to simplify our crazy stressful lives and get in touch with earth and give back we can all collectively make huge changes, thats what I took and felt from this podcast 🙂 thanks again for sharing and looking forward for so much more, take care!

  • The thing that I have always admired about you Rich is your openess and honestly. I enjoyed the podcast, and I really enjoyed hearing from Julie. I now know a little bit more about how you were able to change your life around. A lot of it was your doing, but after listening to Julie, I am sure that she was a huge reason, coach and asset in your transformation. I enjoyed your perspectives on parenting and supporting your kids in becomming authentic people who chase their desires.

  • Steve Parent says:

    In the interest of constructive criticism, I would have preferred that many of the topics touched upon had been separated into different podcasts. Your backstory, athletic achievements, diet, financial difficulties, Julie’s ideas on homeschooling and parenting, etc are all topics worthy of your honest and articulate discourse, and in-depth reflection.

  • Axe says:

    Love it! Will you be publishing it on iTunes?

  • ryan says:

    yet another guy asking about this coming to iTunes

  • richroll66 says:

    takes 48 hours for a new podcast to be approved to iTunes. In the works, stay tuned

  • Nicole Steinberger says:

    I just listened to the entire podcast and WOW… excellent! I loved the flow, the energy, and the content. There is a special quality hearing you and Julie together. I suppose this is due to your intimate relationship and history together. This is precious so I hope I get the gift of hearing both of you together often in the podcast. Like you both said… you may think you know the direction of the podcast. I know you have many ideas and guest interviews to come. I hope the special quality is not lost w/o you both as a team. Julie reminded me of Ondrea Levine 🙂 I look forward to reading Rich’s book and discovering Julie’s music. Thanks and peace.

  • Kevin says:

    Great first
    podcast, interesting stuff!

    forward to many many more.

    Bring Julie back or even have her
    on with some of your future guests.

    Keep up the great work!!

  • Love it. Keep them coming!

  • richroll66 says:

    Thanks for all the kind words and great feedback everyone. Hope to record a second episode Wednesday if I can get it scheduled. Peace.

  • scott ormond says:

    The audio on my end was actually very clear and loud. I was surprised. And the music was excellent too. Give the high hat symbol kids a high five!! scottyO-Aspen

  • David Kay says:

    Really enjoyed the podcast…recently finished Finding Ultra…really had an impact on my life…have also been endurance racing since 2006 and changed my diet this year to nearly all plant based other than fish…ran my 40th marathon this past weekend and not only qualified for Boston but set a PR at age 46. I am doing Kona in 2013 and can’t wait to beet my Ironman PR with my new found fuel intake. I can’t thank you enough for publishing your story and I look forward to your podcasts. All the best.

  • Great podcast …. looking forward to the next! Finished listening to the audio version of Finding Ultra a week ago and now working on the transition to a plant-based diet. Thanks for the inspiration and keep it up.

  • Damien says:

    Rich and Jai, thanks for the podcast. There was a slight echo, but since you were doing the podcast in a warehouse, I think that will be difficult to resolve. If you make a mini-studio at your home…in Austin :-), you probably could resolve that.

    Just to add to the conversation, I do have some thoughts against homeschooling and the free-bird nature towards college for your children. While I agree that college is not necessary for individual growth (like Roll, I tended to drink and party more than grow as a person), I do feel that society has placed such a standard on education that it is essential and will allow more opportunities for your children. I don’t think I need to dwell on this issue because I presume that you both have thought about it. As for homeschooling, I also feel that the relationships and the difficulties of dealing with other peers will help your children find themselves even more. Your lifestyle is awesome (my opinion), but let your children find this themselves. You cannot really say they enjoy it 100% when they haven’t experienced other avenues of life. I would want to hear more about both your thinking in regards to this. By all means, I agree with what your doing, but there arguably has to be some standards place on your children to get the best education and find what is best for them. I also need to think about this more… I do feel like a hypocrite when I have an anti-education (I should say formal education, since you both are not against education by any means) when I also went to the top schools like Roll.

    Thanks. Rich’s book and your Youtube videos pretty much have changed my mornings. I love kale (didn’t really try Kale before the book) and drinking a vegan smoothie as I write now….

    Team Kale.

  • keston sylvester says:

    Enjoyed the podcast a lot! I first heard you on the Joe Rogan podcast and at first … Honestly I wanted to dislike you, like those youtube haters that say silly things lol but your vibe is good bro your wife also you’re both deep thinkers. All the best to you, your wife and your kids… btw Island life is great, born and raised (Caribbean)

  • Dustin Sperber - Nashville T says:

    Great podcast! My question for Julie is – were/are you okay with Rich going off and riding/ running for hours while you watch the kids clean cook etc? My wife and I have three kids and we struggle with the balance of my training / work/ family time.

  • David says:

    Cant wait to listen to this on the move – when are you posting this on itunes?!

  • Rick says:

    This initial episode is an awesome home run. Arts, endurance sport, yoga, sustainability, recovery, spirituality, kids . . . I am looking forward to a long run of these!

  • richroll66 says:

    David – it’s been submitted to iTunes but takes some time before approval of a new podcast. Hope it will be up there in the next day. Thanks, Rich

  • yogikh says:

    Haven’t listened yet, waiting patiently for iTunes.
    I was wondering the same as Dustin (early comment) about finding a balance within parenting, the relationship and your own time. Did Julie have any problems with the heavy training load? Did she have lots of help with the kids? Perhaps a topic for discussion on the next podcast? I would love to hear any insight as this has become a minor challenge in my life and relationship.

  • Kelly says:

    Excellent podcast! I look forward to many more. Julie should definitely be a continuous guest as she is a wealth of knowledge and wonderful to listen to.

  • richroll66 says:

    Hey Everyone – the podcast is now up on iTunes – here’s the link!

  • David says:

    Awesome! I’m very interested in what’s to come; great 1st podcast.

  • Kathy says:

    I really enjoyed the podcast. It gave me a small glimpse into your life and beliefs. Refreshing. I’ve subscribed! Keep up the good work, you are an inspiration to me.

  • Jeremy says:

    Great episode Rich! New fan and follower of what you are up to and I think it is all really great.
    I listened and shared with my fiance about your guys home un-schooling ideas. We hope to create something similar for our future children.
    Particularly loved Julie’s story from the yogi leader about the animals and standardized education. So great!
    Thanks for putting out such amazing content and energy for the world.
    Just starting episode 2 right now…

  • Kokoanut says:

    powerful richroll

  • Schniggen says:

    Your first podcast was amazing. I thought I heard two voices describing what so many people have on their mind in a time where a silent major shift in mankind seems to occur. As if something is in the air that is emminent. Maybe we will experience this shift while still alive or not is seconday, amazing times.

    No apologies regarding the audio quality. All was wonderful clear. I actually like the warehouse atmosphere. It made the conversation authentic and live and if I was a listner in the front-row.

  • Jenn says:

    I really enjoyed listening to your conversation. It felt very comfortable and reminded me of how my husband and I talk over a cup of tea (in a rare instance when the kids aren’t needing something!)

    Is it possible to break your segments up into specific topics? I understand you wanting to have a free-flowing conversation, but after the flow, would it be possible to edit smaller segments to reach a larger audience? For example; I know someone who would like to hear about your spiritual coverage, however, having to weed through the homeschooling section would be tedious for them and they might not listen at all.

  • Brook says:

    Great Podcast! Inspiring and captivating conversation. Looking forward to more.

  • Please consider creating an RSS FEED for Windows based/MP3 users. I know iTunes is popular but it doesn’t have an option for non-iPod users to subscribe (that I can find). I would really like to add your podcast to my Android MP3 podcast catcher.

  • I found the solution to my prior request for an RSS FEED for non-iTune users: I downloaded the STITCHER app on my Andriod phone and it works great! Glad to have a vegan podast to add to my list of fav podcasts. Best of luck on your new endeavor.

  • Jeffrey says:

    Great podcast I am addicted. Julie is awesome, just hearing about how she found herself really gives me hope. For future shows can you guys talk about how you adopted the vegan diet, I just got the book so I have some reading to do. One point, I think Rich was wrong on the point that in the future education should be more focused on a single task or job, such as leaning final cut pro, but that technology changes (even each version of fcp). We need to educate students on how to think, such a understanding how to build a program or the foundations of all editing programs rather than a specific program, just what a history, English and philosophy majors teaches. You guys are super duper awesome!!

  • Thank you for giving me hope. You have no idea how inspired I am now.

  • alohadawn says:

    I’d love to see the HGTV tour of your CA home… Google not giving it up. Got link?

  • Kimber Brenneman says:

    Rich – I can completely relate to what you said about never asking yourself what you want. I just finished my PhD and I’m only recently asking that question. It was always “Do well in school and get a job.” I never thought beyond that.

  • Tvlvgn says:

    Love the podcasts. However, I sometimes have to control my emotions whiles listening to them at work, as some of the people are so inspiring. Would love to get the early ones that are not on iTunes. Could you talk about how to start running for people who have never run before?

  • Tommy F says:

    Making my way through the “Old Testament” of the RRP, thanks to the new RRP App. Rich and Julie, you’ve come a long ways since bravely endeavoring upon this initial podcast and continue to inspire with every new podcast. I feel extreme gratitude when every Monday morning rolls around, and there’s a brand-spanking new RRP available for download on my iTunes account. Please keep helping change the world.. one Podcast at a time…

  • Misty - Houston, TX says:

    Wow!!! How is that I am just discovering this? I am so thankful that I have discovered it just wish i had sooner. I applaud your courage to put your children first and remove them from the traditional schooling methods. My kids (8 & 11) having been begging for homeschooling for years. After listening to Julie today I feel compelled to honor their request and put my own fears aside. My son sounds so very similar to Mathis. I’m constantly being called for conferences I don’t want to attend only to hear the same things over & over. Each time I just want to say don’t blame my son that you aren’t able to reach him. You’re requiring him to sit in the same place for 8 hours with only 15-20 minutes of recess, 45 minutes of physical education 3 days a week, 30 minutes of art, serving him food he almost refuses to eat and giving him books to read that he read in kindergarten, while refusing to allow him to read books you deem above his grade level. The school principal came to speak to my daughters class last year after her & several classmates wrote letters to the head of the food service of the district about the quality of food they are being served which she also refuses to eat. There have been many days she’s so stressed out in elementary school over standardized tests that she’s in tears even though shes always scored way above average on a district & state level. Aaagghh!! They are both well mannered, well behaved, intelligent children who happen to be strong minded, strong willed, non conformists. I feel like this school system is crushing their souls. So thank you for the realization that there are other parents who truly believe what I’ve been thinking and for giving me hope that homeschooling would be more beneficial for them. Thank you!!!

  • Is there an updated website for the Common Ground website? I have been trying to learn more about their volunteer program. Also you mentioned several stories one was about animals all forced to be the same. I am a big fan of communities, meditation, yoga and seeking. Just discovered you this morning… Love It!

  • richroll66 says:

    Hi Thomas — this podcast episode was recorded & published over 3 years ago. Common Ground is a very different place now — the restaurant closed and not sure much is happening there now so I dont have any info for you.

  • Thank you. Do you have any recommendations of similar places. I started a path 5 years ago and visited Kalani on the Big Island. My first experience with source occurred in and around that experience. Thanks.

  • Thanks. I found another number that allowed me to leave a message and I got no reply. Looks like they are closed.

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