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Today on the podcast I sit down with Jason Wachob, co-founder and CEO of – the internet’s primary destination for all things wellness. 

I first crossed Jason’s path back in 2009 and we have been fast friends with him and his wife Colleen ever since.  I love his vision and am so excited to share his story — and that of MindBodyGreen — with you.

Not only has Jason placed an indelible mark on the new media scene with his Dumbo, Brooklyn based startup, eclipsing expectations of what a web-based health-oriented content provider can and should be, his personal journey from overstressed Wall Street Trader — his face forever memorialized on the wall at The Palm – one of NYC’s most famous steak houses! — to Wellness Warrior / yoga & meditation evangelist is noteworthy in it’s own right and eminently relatable.  

Watch him recap his story briefly here:

Then enjoy the show!


Just yesterday we eclipsed half a million downloads of this podcast.  That’s over 500,000 listens – UNBELIEVABLE!  Thank you so much for tuning in.  It’s been a dream.  I started this podcast on a whim while living in yurts on an organic farm on the North Shore of Kauai this past winter.  It was merely an experiment.  A creative outlet.  I would never have predicted that it would have found such a large audience.  Thank you.  I am beyond grateful.  Beyond humbled.  And committed more than ever to raise the bar on this show and double down on quality.  That’s a promise.


Last week Finding Ultra finally hit bookstores and online retailers in paperback.  It’s an honor, as not every book published gets a paperback release.  So here I am again, pitching you with the hard sell.  It feels weird, but hey — I’m on my own here.  No publicist.  No press.  Plus, Random House basically told me they don’t have the resources to market and promote the release.  So I’m flying solo and need all the help I can get.

But I’m not alone — I’ve got all of you, who have been beyond supportive.  So if you’ve enjoyed the content I’ve been freely sharing — content that takes an obscene amount of my time to create — and feel inclined to support the message I so passionately believe in, then this is the time I am REALLY ASKING FOR YOUR HELP.  

Already read the book?  Then get it as a gift for someone — after all, Father’s Day is coming up and you gotta get dear old dad something anyway.  Plus, it’s darn cheap – just $12.99 on Amazon!  What the heck, right?  That’s like a one cold pressed juice at Whole Foods; and will hopefully be even a bit more nourishing.  Then tell a friend.



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  • james

    Rich, love the book, love the podcast – you need to get michael arnstein back on! it wasn’t a proper interview last time due to everything that was going on at the time…also are you going to get Durianrider on when his in the states for the woodstock fruit festival this year?? Do it, brother! :D

  • Sara @ Eat. Breathe. Balance.

    Can’t wait to listen to this one – I love MindBodyGreen – always a source of amazing and inspiring content!

  • Natalie

    First thing that I did after listening to this podcast was head straight to – what an AMAZING website.
    I can see myself losing hours sifting through the back catalog of info.
    Thanks for the gift!

  • Christian Ledesma

    Thanks for bringing to me. Great website.

  • Lucy

    thanks Rich for introducing us all to such interesting information

  • Scott Ormond

    Rich, looking forward to meeting you in Provo on Friday night!! Thanks to you and Jason for your thoughts on Yoga-something I need to consider. This podcast made my bike ride extra special tonight. Thanks guys. scottyO-Aspen