America’s Angriest Trainer Vinnie Tortorich

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Buckle up people!  America’s Angriest Trainer Vinnie Tortorich joins the podcast today to pontificate — in the way only Vinnie can in his unfiltered and uncensored way — on a wide variety of subjects, including:

    • His career as an ultra-cyclist and racing the Furnace Creek 508;
    • What fuels his 15 hour training rides; in other words the popular & oft asked question is posed, “what do you eat on the bike?”
    • His opinions on aerobic zone training versus the currently popular CrossFit / Mackenzie method;
    • Fitness and weight loss in general;
    • What it’s like to be a celebrity trainer in Hollywood;
    • His evolving perspectives on nutrition;
    • His Angriest Trainer Podcast; and
    • His upcoming book “Fitness Confidential”

NOTE: Vinnie veers into a bit of explicit language a few times.  Nothing crazy, but just a heads up if you’re blasting it at work or unusually squeamish.

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Thanks for the support and enjoy the show!