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Julieanna Hever: The Plant-Based Dietitian On School Lunch, GMOs and The Pros & Cons of Juicing

By February 1, 2013June 14th, 202316 Comments

The beautiful & always delightful Julieanna Hever — aka “The Plant-Based Dietitian” — joins Julie Piatt and I on today’s podcast to drop knowledge on all things nutrition and wellness.  Together we hit on a wide variety of health-related subjects, including:

  • The joys & challenges of raising plantpowered kids;
  • The perils of school lunch programs;
  • GMO’s and Prop 37;
  • Government involvement in nutrition education;
  • Combating entrenched & often outdated opinions on optimal nutrition;
  • Her recent television debut on the Veria Living network: “What Would Julieanna Do?”
  • What’s the deal with Paleo?
  • Why most doctors and nutritionists / dietitians don’t fully understand plant-based eating;
  • Tips for getting started the plantpower way;
  • Superfoods;
  • The deal with oils;
  • The pros & cons of blending & juicing;
  • Flu shots & vaccinating kids;

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  • Kim Turner says:

    sounds like another winner ! can’t wait to listen to this one on my ride this weekend.

  • b says:

    Hi Rich,

    Another great one, keep up the AWESOME work and excited to hear you’re line of guests coming up, Brendan Brazier, Michael Arnstein, etc. can’t wait!

  • Jason says:

    If Julie is talking more than the guest , you are doing it wrong. Let Rich interview please. But still a great show. Thank you !

  • Deb says:

    One of the best interviews i have listened to in a long, long, time. I am on this plant based journey, and have so many questions that were addressed on this interview. I really like Julanna ‘s balanced approach.
    The conversation regarding the oil/ no oil component was especially enlightening and interesting.
    I would love to know how both you, Rich and. julie, and Julieanna feel about wheat overall. Do you consume wheat in your own diet, and why or why not?
    Thanks for a other great show.

  • Erica says:

    Loved this podcast. My family DR out right told me I would be hurting my kids when we switched to a plant based diet years ago, so to make her happy, I lie to her every time we go and assure her my kids are drinking lots of milk and eating eggs. Fighting her ignorance is not worth my time, keeping my kids healthy is!

  • Jason says:

    my 2 cents, dont sugar coat your beliefs to your dr. If he/she has no clue about nutrition you shouldnt be forced to lie to keep them happy.

  • I enjoyed this podcast – its was interesting to hear various viewpoints on the subjects discussed. I would like to agree with others that I prefer to hear Rich and the guest to be the main speakers on the podcasts – no offense to Julie as I appreciate her comments too. She is very opinionated! With that said, this was another good podcast to hear like the others. I enjoyed hearing Julieanna as I don’t know much about her and cannot get the show where I live in Canada. Thanks for doing the podcasts and keep them coming…

  • richroll66 says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone. As always, I appreciate constructive feedback & critique. At the same time, let’s keep the comments above board. I will not tolerate people name-calling my wife. I understand that not everyone will se things her way. I understand that she may push buttons. But the only way to grow is to question the status quo. Shift your perspective. Entertain a new way of thinking. She is a HUGE reason — if not THE reason — why & how I was able to change my life. She is my wife. My life partner. And the mother of my children. I stand behind her 100% and she will remain a part of the podcast. If you’re not down with that, that’s totally fine. It’s easy – just choose to not listen. But I cannot abide the low blows. I sincerely hope you can understand this. Thanks.

  • Aimee says:

    Julieanna was great and I LOVE when Julie chimes in! Great that we can choice to listen or not. I may not always agree but love to here peoples opinions . It gives me the opportunity to think out side my own way of thinking. Thank you for being a part of my journey to healthy living for not only myself but my family and friends.

  • Matt says:

    Enjoying your podcasts. Here’s my thoughts on Paleo. I’ve come to Paleo through a permaculture lens and see it as a more complete sustainable and local solution than a vegan diet. The idea of a small farm with grass fed ruminants and smaller amounts of chickens and pigs eating kitchen scraps and garden waste and all the animal waste feeding the vegetable gardens makes sense to me.
    Blaming Paleo for the problems with modern ag (meat industry) makes no more sense than blaming vegans for the problems with modern ag (grain industry). I’m not up on calculations but i believe the Joel Salatin approach would feed more people per acre and be more sustainable than industrial grain production. I don’t know where the 10 earths to feed people Paleo comes from but I’m guessing it’s from trying to feed cows grains.

  • Jackie says:

    Rich great podcast! Yes I would of liked to hear more of Julienna BUT I also really enjoy listenning to Julies insights. This is new for you…everyone give them a break they just started the podcasts and they will find that balance. Thanks!!

  • Just a Guy says:

    Hey Rich, great job addressing the negative comments on your site in your podcast with Vinnie.

    I am one of those who do not agree with Julie’s perspective but want to
    point out to everyone that we need to remember that there are real people on the
    other end of these comments. I was moved by your comment that you don’t have a thick skin and that you are impacted by these comments, which is something we should remember when offering suggestions.

    Love how honest and real you are Rich, and Julie for that matter, even if those points of view aren’t shared by everyone.

    Keep it up, and keep it constructive everyone.

  • Shannon says:

    A little late than never. Really enjoyed this interview,
    good stuff and I love how you just threw out off topic questions. So good. So interesting
    that Julie sees vaccines as fear based response. I think some research on vaccines,
    Jenny McCarthy and autism would serve all well, and there are other
    perspectives on autism.

  • Rick says:

    Catching up on the older shows. Julie’s great on the show! Don’t let the negativity get to you guys. Keep up the good work.

  • Robyn Chuter says:

    I’ve only just started listening to the podcast, and am enjoying catching up with your ‘back issues’. Your interview with Julieanna was great, but I feel compelled to correct some of the factual errors in statements made by you and Julieanna regarding the Lancet report on a potential link between MMR and autism. You stated that this ‘study’ had been ‘debunked’ by its authors. The Lancet report was a case series, not a ‘study’. The authors described a bowel pathology that had been found in 12 children, 9 of whom were reported by the parents to have developed autistic-type symptoms after an MMR vaccine. The authors simply reported the parents’ observations, as is appropriate in a case series, and called for further research. You can’t ‘debunk’ an observation. The bowel pathology found by these researchers has been reported by other researchers in various locations around the world. I’d love for you to interview Dr Andrew Wakefield in a future podcast. As a bare minimum, read his book Callous Disregard which lays out the events up to and following the publication of this study, and documents them meticulously with emails and correspondence.

  • Josh Meckel says:

    Thanks for going into the vaccination issue 🙂 I love hearing Julie get passionate 🙂 It still amazes me how bend out of shape people get over that one thing. I believe it is because people have been brainwashed by pharma just like they are with meat and dairy from the animal agriculture organizations. Vaccinations are about one thing and one thing only, money. Keep up the great work. I now have finished 107 episodes 🙂

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