The Best of 2014 (Part 2)

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Welcome to Part 2 of our second annual Best of the RRP Anthology series. If you haven’t already, I suggest listening to The Best of 2014 Part 1 first.

Once again, this is a compendium of some of my favorite conversations of 2014. Our way of saying thanks. Our way of giving back. Our way of trying to catapult you into the new year armed with the information and inspiration required to make it your best year yet.

Once again, it’s worth reflecting upon the incredible year that was 2014. My blessings are many. My gratitude is overflowing. This is my way way of saying thank you. I appreciate you. Here’s to an extraordinary 2015 — the year we manifest our greatest dreams into reality. Join me, and let’s do this thing together.

Peace + Plants,


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Many many thanks to Greg A. for helping find the diamonds in the gold. Audio production, engineering, sound design & music by Tyler Piatt. Photographs by  Tom Medvedich. Site & episode graphic art by Shawn Patterson. Give these guys a shout out in the comments, especially G & Ty, who both worked really hard on pulling this together.

If you’re miffed because we left your personal favorite out, I get it.  Every guest has been extraordinary, so this is a thankless task. It’s by no means intended as the definitive last word on the best of the best by any means – just a great, interesting and dynamic mix. Tune in again on New Year’s Day for Part 2.

THE BEST OF THE RRP – 2014 (Part 2)

  1. Freerunning World Champion & parkour artist Timothy Shieff ( Episode 86 )
  2. Zen, the meaning of health and the importance of living tea with Buddhist monk WuDe ( Episode 87 )
  3. Documentary filmmakers Kip Anderson and Keegan Kuhn on Cowspiracy ( Episode 91 )
  4. Ruminations on minimalism, simplicity and life in The Zone with Slomo ( Episode 94 )
  5. Peace, plants and positive mental attitude with John Joseph and Mishka Shubaly ( Episode 95 )
  6. Getting 10% happier through meditation with ABC News anchor Dan Harris ( Episode 97 )
  7. How to own your story and undo ordinary with Robin Arzón ( Episode 99 )
  8. Plant-based athletic performance & entrepreneurship with Brendan Brazier ( Episode 101 )
  9. Why human connection trumps everything, with Preston Smiles ( Episode 103 )
  10. Timothy Van Orden on depression, diet, and personal growth beyond the kale ( Episode 107 )
  11. Good food should be an everyday right for everybody with Bryant Terry ( Episode 112 )
  12. How David Clark overcame alcoholism, lost 150 pounds and conquered Badwater ( Episode 113 )

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  • Tommy F says:

    Fantastic kick-start entering 2015! Thx so much to all who put this great mix-podcast together.

  • Julia Hanlon of Running On Om says:

    Hi RRP Team!

    I really enjoyed getting to listen to all the amazing stories of 2014 on Part 1 and Part 2! Greg and Ty did an incredible job of piecing together all the treasures from the year and Rich’s grounded energy provided a constant that weaved the many different interviews into one. Thank you to the RRP Team, Rich, Julie, Greg, Ty, and others who have created a podcast that continues to change my life. I can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store for RRP! Love and gratitude!

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