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Chris Hauth: Endurance Training For Maximum Results

By February 26, 2013June 15th, 202320 Comments

2x Olympian, renowned endurance multisport coach, former professional (and current blazing fast age-group topping) Ironman triathlete Chris Hauth — who happens to also be my long-time coach — joins the podcast to get granular on his perspectives on effective endurance training methods to maximize performance.  Turns out there’s more to it than just Zone 2 people!  Tune in to dial in your training program and take your performance to the next level.

As a quick aside.  I am contemplating launching an online membership website that will — in exchange for a relatively nominal monthly fee — provide subscribers with:

  1. Premium written fitness & nutrition content not publicly available;
  2. Monthly or bi-weekly interactive video Spreecasts on focused subject matter;
  3. Periodic (weekly?) newsletter;
  4. Private, interactive VIP community with responsive access to me & other members
  5. Significantly reduced pricing on Jai Lifestyle digital & physical products, gear & workshops, retreats & programs
  6. Free swag such as t-shirts & more

I am interested in whether there is demand for such a community, given that it will require a tremendous amount of time, energy & expense on my part to configure, design, launch, serve and maintain.  I am super excited about the possibilities and completely dedicated to finding the best way to share a healthy message across the broadest and most impactful platform – so please let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Thanks for listening and enjoy the program.


Chris Hauth’s AIMP Coaching Website

Chris Hauth on Twitter: @AIMPCoach

The Triathlete’s Training Bible  by Joe Friel

Book: Going Long: Training for Triathlon’s Ultimate Challenge (Ultrafit Multisport Training Series)*  by Joe Friel & Gordo Byrne

*Disclosure: Books and products denoted with an asterisk are hyperlinked to an affiliate program. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.


  • Joe Aldridge says:

    Rich I would enjoy the advantage of this community but my two concerns would be the forum would take over where I would be more interested in your direct influence in my eating and training and that you would charge too little and be taken advantage of by people who love to be heard more than they love applying solutions. I would be on board asap. Keep up the great work my brother…

  • karla boisvert says:

    a resounding YES! read your book, became vegan, doing triathlons (oceanside up next).

  • Graham Dethmers says:

    I would be extremely interested in a community like you describe. I’ve found the information on the podcasts to be very helpful in my own training, and I would love to be able to interact with other athletes that have been similarly inspired by Rich.

  • Kyle Schnitger says:

    Hey Rich very interested in the community aspect, love listening to your perspective on things and your willingness to expose yourself and your listeners to different ideas.

  • Paul Burns says:

    Why does Z3 feel so easy sometimes? I have been carefully watching my HR while riding. I’ve estimated that 145 is the top of Z2 for me. As my HR starts to climb to the top of zone 2 my breathing doesn’t. Even when I go into zone 3 the breathing isn’t bad at all. I only have to start taking deep breaths as my HR gets above 155 – but that is zone 4 for me. If I just use breathing and leg burn as a guide I can do a 8 min hill climb with an average HR of 148 and a max HR 158. Breathing is deeper and but each breath is about 6 pedal strokes(cadence of 70 – in my easiest gear). There is only a tiny bit of leg burn. I probably just need to do another 10k itt and get a new lactate threshold HR.

  • John says:

    Rich, another fantastic podcast. You should definitely look into the Community aspect / offering on your website. Count me in. And you and BMac every month is a must.

  • 14th_Monkey says:

    Nice talk but not enough detail on the zone trainig. CAn you post some of the books you guys talked about?

  • richroll66 says:

    I did – please see Show Notes above.

  • Kelly Mahoney says:

    Recently changed my running to aerobic only after reading Maffetone’s “Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing” and taking the MAF test. Had to check my ego at the door as I’m jogging so slow that I walk uphill. But I don’t like Maffetone’s nutrition advice. I’m a vegan and don’t care to switch to low carb. Please have your coach back on to discuss nutrition for 2 hours and specifically address the whole “carb rises blood sugar rises insulin stores fat” theory. I think I need to read your book, but I’ve definitely found another podcast to listen to on my runs 🙂

  • Pkacere says:

    Yes! Awesome idea for the online membership! Love that! Great job on spreading the word about healthy living!

  • Online membership is a good idea / only fair that you get an opportunity to make a living while following your passion.

  • Scott Ormond says:

    Hi Rich, when I listen to a podcast like you and Chris for free I feel like I robbed a bank. The content is extremely valuable and appropriate. Please find a way to charge me PLEASE!! scottyO-Aspen

  • chris york says:

    happy with a payment of some kind. what about a donations link. you might be surprised. thanks for all the amazing information.

  • D. Cunningham says:

    Yes! Please launch an online membership. Thank you.

  • LizJM says:

    Another great podcast thanks Rich and Chris! I’m with the other posters I’d love to donate something, you and Julie have given me so much it’s be nice to give something back (Julie the meditation is wonderful as are your podcast contributions).

  • jfairweather says:

    Great Podcast – I’d value a community forum – or some way to contribute to your fab work .

  • Paolo says:

    Rich, All your guests continue to forget that each training should be tailored on the physical
    characteristics, not only on the time available to train or other assumptions. Heavy
    bottoms should work in one way. Skinny folks in another and so on. Also, genetic
    counts. If you god gave you the engine you can make a particular plan. If not,
    keep it easy and be consistent, without creating the life to much complex. Ciao Paolo

  • Scott Ormond says:

    Hi Rich and Julie, a quick idea on private membership club. It is worth trying for sure. Will help you earn a living and be compensated for your effort and time. I would like to see you post 1 content filled and interesting podcast per week for free and then provide a membership club which is autobilled monthly to a credit card in the amount of $10? $20? That membership would get the subscriber greater access to Rich and Julie to answer questions, possible scheduled weekly online forum??, and expansion on the topics of interest in the free podcast. I don’t like so much the “donation” idea. That makes it seem like you are running a charity. This should be a business and what you offer is worth paying for. Maybe you offer both. Good luck. scottyO-Aspen

  • sasha says:

    I bought the first book and 2 tee’s and will order the book, cant use banner ad off amazon as live in Australia, I would totally pay for a membership, the podcasts alone are worth gold,its only fair

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