Chris Hauth: Endurance Training For Maximum Results

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2x Olympian, renown endurance multisport coach, former professional (and current blazing fast age-group topping) Ironman triathlete Chris Hauth — who happens to also be my long-time coach — joins the podcast to get granular on his perspectives on effective endurance training methods to maximize performance.  Turns out there’s more to it than just Zone 2 people!  Tune in to dial in your training program and take your performance to the next level.

As a quick aside.  I am contemplating launching an online membership website that will — in exchange for a relatively nominal monthly fee — provide subscribers with:

  1. Premium written fitness & nutrition content not publicly available;
  2. Monthly or bi-weekly interactive video Spreecasts on focused subject matter;
  3. Periodic (weekly?) newsletter;
  4. Private, interactive VIP community with responsive access to me & other members
  5. Significantly reduced pricing on Jai Lifestyle digital & physical products, gear & workshops, retreats & programs
  6. Free swag such as t-shirts & more

I am interested in whether there is demand for such a community, given that it will require a tremendous amount of time, energy & expense on my part to configure, design, launch, serve and maintain.  I am super excited about the possibilities and completely dedicated to finding the best way to share a healthy message across the broadest and most impactful platform – so please let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Thanks for listening and enjoy the program.


Chris Hauth’s AIMP Coaching Website

Chris Hauth on Twitter: @AIMPCoach

The Triathlete’s Training Bible  by Joe Friel

Going Long: Training for Triathlon’s Ultimate Challenge (Ultrafit Multisport Training Series)  by Joe Friel & Gordo Byrne