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On the Spirituality of Peak Athletic & Life Performance

By January 29, 2014August 10th, 20233 Comments

American Ninja Warrior.  Calisthenics freak.  Battlebar champion.  Muscle Beach staple.  Parkour artist.  Spiritual crusader. Social entrepreneur.

These are just a few labels we can attach to the badass known as Travis Brewer.  But what is truly inspiring about this airborne athlete with a conscience is his mission to live life to the fullest. Catalyzing positive impact through movement to make the world a better place.  And inspire others to become more of who they are.

For Travis, it’s an inside job.  His ability to walk through fear, break barriers, push past physical, mental and emotional plateaus to perform the impossible with death-defying body movement begins and ends with one thing – his devotion to spirituality & meditation.

Today Julie and I sit down with Travis to explore the boundaries of human potential – both athletic and beyond the monkey bars; what it truly means to unlock the best of who you are; the crucial extent to which devotion, spirituality and meditation play into his holistic health and peak performance equation; and how he pursues happiness and life satisfaction through service to others.

Travis is a fascinating, insightful, considerate and contemplative young man with big dreams for the future of youth, health, movement and entrepreneurship. It was an honor to have him spend an evening with our family, and I’m thrilled to share this conversation with you.


All images of Travis courtesy of ©  PJ Russ  – thanks PJ!

To set the stage, here’s a short little inspiring video on Travis that will give you a sense of his groovy vibe.

And here’s a gander at one of the insanely cool, gargantuan “bird’s nest” art piece creations Travis has a hand in building, as we discuss on the show.  Must have!


Thanks for listening and thanks for the support!


  • anarekey2000 says:

    Rick, great podcast as usual. Travis is pretty cool. That nest is freaky, but I like it. One thing I disagree with though, was Julie’s comment that running can’t in and of itself be considered meditation. Sakyong Rinpoche, head of the Shambala school of Tibetan Buddhism and long-time marathon runner has written a book called Running With The Mind Of Meditation. You can find the info here: I think he would make a good guest……………

  • anarekey2000 says:

    Sorry, I meant Rich, not Rick. Spastic fingers.

  • JasonRH says:

    I thought the same thing when I heard her say that. I actually just recently bought that book and am about to crack it. As someone who runs and meditates, I find running to be a great meditation.

    Rich, would be interesting to have a podcast discussing these things further. I really enjoy it when you guys dig deeper into spiritual topics, not sure if all of your health/fitness listeners feel that way, but would love to see that become a bigger focus again moving forward.

    Another really good book on the intersection of endurance athletics and spirituality is “Zendurance.” One of my favorites (in addition to Finding Ultra, of course) but not very well known.

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