Nutrition, Fitness, Online Entrepreneurism, Homeschooling & What Happened When He Trained for an Ironman on a Low Carb / High Fat Ketosis Diet

For fans of Ben Greenfield, this is Ben like you’ve never heard him before.

For longtime listeners and fans of health & fitness podcasts, Ben Greenfield needs no introduction.  Self-avowed training guinea pig, ardent nutrition student, accomplished multisport athlete, podcast host, blogger and health entrepreneur at Ben Greenfield Fitness  and all around good dude.

Ben and I have been acquainted for some years — but only through the internet.  He was an early guest on this show ( RRP #11 ), I have guested on his podcast as well as his Endurance Planet podcast ( HERE ), we did a nutrition-oriented Spreecast with Vinnie Tortorich back in February ( HERE ) and he has written about my exploits a bit as well ( HERE ).

And yet surprisingly, we had never met in person.  So it was a pleasure to finally sit down with the guy one-on-one so we could dig a bit deeper.  Skype interviews are great, but there is just no substitute for sitting across from someone when you want to have a proper chat.  And this interview gets it done in spades.

Today on the show we talk about a multitude of things, including:

    1. How he turned his passion for health and fitness into a thriving online business
    2. Some keys for entrepreneurial online success;
    3. His experience training for and racing an Ironman on a high fat / low carb ketogenic diet;
    4. His plan for putting on 30lbs of muscle during the upcoming winter months;
    5. Our experiences interviewing Durianrider;
    6. What the lifestyle “hack” (as in #lifehack or #biohack) actually means;
    7. His experience as a homeschooled child and how he homeschools his children;
    8. How his dietary regimen is often misunderstood, his passion for plants & his vegetable garden; and
    9. Ben’s Upcoming Human Performance Course on CreativeLive.

Like many of my guests, I don’t agree with all points & issues raised.  But I truly like and respect Ben, particularly his willingness to engage in all forms of self-experimentation and his transparency when it comes to openly sharing his results.

I hope you enjoy the conversation!


Finally – dig the music cues and intro/outro clips on the show? Thanks my 18-year old son Tyler Piatt — not only did he produce and edit today’s show, he wrote, arranged and performed all the music as well, including the clip in the teaser trailer – give him a nice shout out in the comments below.  Thanks Tyler!


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