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5-Time World Champion Triathlete On Training, Racing, Diet & Life as a Professional Athlete

By August 26, 2013August 7th, 20234 Comments

Today I’m joined by my friend and (sometimes) summertime training partner Terenzo Bozzone – 5-time World Champion professional triathlete.

I met “T” right after I completed EPIC5 back in 2010 when he arrived in town along with Chris McCormack for several weeks of intense spring training.  With a gracious poise and maturity well beyond his mere 28 years, Terenzo is one of the brightest stars in professional triathlon, as well as a remarkable ambassador of the sport — always quick with a kind word of encouragement to his fellow training partners and never too busy to connect on a personal level with his many fans.

I’ve had the honor of getting to spend some quality training time with Terenzo over the last three years and will say this — the sport of triathlon is a better place with him in it.  T is one of the good guys.  A guy you want to see win.  A guy you can really get behind and root for.

I’m so pleased that Terenzo took time out of his busy training schedule leading up to his peak race of the season — The Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Las Vegas just two weeks from today — to sit down and have a chat about his training, racing and life.

I hope you enjoy the show. No doubt you’ll end up a big fan of all things Terenzo.  So do the guy a solid and let’s all show him some Twitter and facebook love to get him pumped for the big show in Vegas!

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  • Scott Ormond says:

    Very impressive guest with Terenzo Rich!! and excellent interview. Nice to get a peek into how champions think and train. Right up my alley.

    Two things jumped out.

    1) Sorry to hear that Terenzo fuels his endurance activity with sugar. He sadly has been HAMMERED. I hope stomach problems don’t mess up his career.

    2) I didn’t like it when you gave Terenzo grief and he felt sheepish about eating salmon and eggs for breakfast. To me, that is as “clean ” as it gets, aside from maybe a Kale smoothie. Rich, add back in some wild caught fresh fish in your diet, it will do your body good. I promise. scottyO-Aspen

  • Dan Springborn says:

    Where is a link to the pie that you guys are eating and refer to during the podcast?

  • Rhen says:

    The training regimen involves a whole new way of eating for a lot of
    beginner triathletes. You will be taking in a lot of different foods
    than what you are used to, cutting out some familiar ones, and most
    likely eating six smaller meals a day than the usual three meals.
    Processed sugars and fried foods will be out, mountain trail mixes and
    whole grain bread and lots of fish and lean cuts of beef would be in.

    training for a triathlon

  • summer says:

    I turned off at eggs and salmon. Not interested in listening to non-veg athletes.

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