How To Get Good At Gratitude — Plus: What It’s Like To Be Profiled In The New York Times

“Our whole idea was to present [the vegan] lifestyle in an aspirational and modern way. We want to present it in a way that looks appealing, as opposed to deprivation-oriented.”

Rich Roll in “Vegans Go Glam” – NY Times 9.30.15

A while back I fired off this missive:

Admittedly, the tweet was inspired by a little low grade frustration at utterly failing to generate any mainstream national press interest whatsoever in our book The Plantpower Way, which had recently come out. A self-reminder that you can’t push buttons and expect a pat on the back.

Fast forward three months to today’s publication of Vegans Go Glam in The New York Times (The New York Times!) — a very large profile on our family and the growing vegan scene in Los Angeles and New York deftly penned by Jeff Gordinier. It’s a big article (like, really big) in perhaps the most respected mainstream publication on the planet (do I even need to say that?). It’s also an article that has kicked up some dust, generating lively discussion around the global water cooler. So much discussion in fact, Vegans Go Glam is the #1 most e-mailed story on the entire New York Times website today.

Vegan Goes Glam, by Jeff Gordinier (photos by Amy Dickerson)

“Vegans Go Glam” by Jeff Gordinier (photo by Amy Dickerson) for the New York Times

Little Jaya just owning the New York Times homepage lead.

Little Jaya just owning the New York Times homepage lead.

C’mon! Now, that is just insane.

So what does it all mean? That’s for you to decide, not me. But today Julie and I do our best to talk it all through — including practices for cultivating gratitude — on this latest installment of Ask Me Anything. A conversation that explores:

  • what it’s like to have a huge story about you & your family in the New York Times
  • cultivating tolerance beyond veganism
  • restricting judgment of others & focusing on self; and
  • how to get good at gratitude

The show concludes with Held So Sweetly, written and performed by Julie — aka  SriMati – accompanied by our sons Tyler & Trapper Piatt.

Special thanks to “Jo” for today’s question, as well as everyone who submitted inquiries — keep ‘em coming!

I sincerely hope you enjoy the conversation.

Peace + Plants,


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