Chris Hauth: Tactics For The Quarantined Athlete (+ Mishka!)

“The athlete’s mindset is the awareness to stay in the moment and do the best you can do with the task at hand — whatever that task may be.

Chris Hauth

Coronavirus has canceled more than just school, work, and social outings. It’s also canceled sports. The Olympics. And even that race you’ve been training for — gone.

The world has huge problems right now. To lament your cancelled marathon, ultra or Ironman feels tone deaf; insensitive to the countless people across the world currently suffering in unimaginable ways.

And yet for the athlete, the disappointment is still real. It’s not shameful to experience the emotions that accompany a let down. Just don’t linger there.

In this precarious moment, we can’t afford to dwell on a future that will no longer be. And events beyond our control.

Instead, let us pull focus on creative solutions for maintaining our enthusiasm for fitness. Strategies to engage with our physical selves. And tactics to ensure adherence to a daily routine with staying power.

To dive deeper into the hows and whys of staying fit during quarantine, I’m joined today by Chris Hauth — my friend and trusted sensei of all matters strength and endurance.

A two-time Olympian, former professional triathlete, Ironman champion, Age Group Ironman World Champion, and accomplished ultra-athlete, Chris is one of the world’s most respected endurance coaches — and the star act in my recurring Coach’s Corner edition of the podcast.

A remarkable coach and lifelong athlete, Chris has honed his craft unlike any other sports professional I have ever met.

But my favorite thing about Chris is his attitude. A fount of soothing positivity, he values experience and fun over podiums.

This is a conversation about adapting our fitness routines to quarantine. How to maintain healthy home habits in this hectic time. How to reimagine goals. And craft personal adventures in lieu of canceled races.

Finally, Chris provides copious tangible takeaways to stay sane for those whose training life has been turned upside down.

And for something new & different: An appetizer to precede today’s main course, we also briefly check in with the RRP’s favorite lap dog Mishka Shubaly. To get a little taste for his flavor of quarantine. To celebrate the 7th anniversary of our bromance. And because my self-deprecating, gravelly voiced brother from another mother has a new must-listen Audible Original called Cold Turkey: How To Quit Drinking By Not Drinking.

May these exchanges lift your spirits in this bizarre moment we are collectively experiencing.

Peace + Plants,


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Check out Mishka’s new Audible Original, Cold Turkey: How To Quite Drinking By Not Drinking (out May 1, 2020)

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