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Training Update and Race Simulation Recap

By September 22, 2008No Comments

I just rounded out another 25 hour training week, culminating in another 3 day Ultraman “Race Simulation” over Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The good news is that I was able to crank out the simulation stronger, faster and easier than my last bout a few weeks back.  Most noteable is my running ability, which is really progressing well as my training focus has shifted into more running intensive weeks in prep for that daunting Ultraman Day 3 52 mile run.

Here’s how it went down:
Monday: was supposed to swim 4800 yds., but had to miss this workout.  I have to work sometimes!  I hate missing any training sessions and have only missed maybe 4-5 over the last 6 months.  But if I have to miss one, the swim workouts are the best to miss for me, as this is my strength.  I can’t afford to miss any cycling or running workouts.
Tuesday: 71 mile / 4 hour Zone 2 ride.  Nothing too focused.  Legs felt great after a rest day and a light training weekend due to the Nautica Malibu race.
Wednesday: 15 mile Zone 2 run.  Felt great.  Like brushing my teeth in the morning.
Thursday: 2 hour / 36 mile Zone 2 spin.  Easy riding, nothing to stressful, getting ready for the race simulation.
Friday (DAY 1): 8000 yard swim workout (8×1000 alternating pull/swim); felt great and just as strong on the last 1000 as on the first.  Hopped out of the pool and banged out a 4 hour hard climbing ride on a hot afternoon, including ascents of Topanga and twice up the steep Stunt Road.  Legs fresh as a daisy.  Pushed it hard, trying to simulate race effort and finished strong.
Saturday (DAY 2): 7 hour / 120 mile ride with Kona qualifier Dave Meyer and fellow attorney Bob Steinberg.  Up PCH from Cross Creek, acended Latigo to Mulholland Hwy to Route 23, down into Westlake, around Lake Sherwood, up Portola to Lynn Road and out to Las Posas.  Then cut over and up to Oxnard and north to downtown Ventura, then back to Malibu down PCH.  Long day in the saddle and finished strong, able to hang with Dave for the most part, but struggled a bit on the climbs due to my previous day’s ride.  But much stronger and faster than my previous Day 2 simulation.
Sunday (DAY 3): 2 hr 15 minute Zone 2 run in the morning (about 17 miles) and felt incredible.  No residual fatigue from the previous day’s long ride, which was amazing.  Legs were tired mid-day, but then went out again in the early evening for another 1 hour 30 minute (almost 10 miles) run and felt great.  Legs were tired for sure, but was able to bang out the same pace and felt I could have kept going at least another 30 minutes at that clip.  This beats my previous simulation not only in pace but in distance / time (added 45 minutes to the runs).  Also, not quite as tired on Sunday night.  Legs were shot, but I wasn’t completely out of it, which was great.
Monday: normally this would be a rest day.  But I only have about 6 weeks left of real training, so I was at it again — 3800 yd swim workout followed immediately by a 2 hour ride.  My legs were fried and had a hard time getting my HR up into Zone 2 – an indication of fatigue.
Here’s what’s on tap for the rest of the week (24 hours of training total for this week):
Tuesday: 90 minute Zone 2 run
Wednesday:  3 hr 45 minute ride
Thursday: 4000 yd swim / 2 hour run
Friday: 4300 yd swim / 3 hour bike
Saturday: @ hr 30 minute run in the am; 1 hour run in the pm
Sunday: 5 hour ride (a light day!)

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