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On Tap…

By October 17, 2008One Comment

42 days till Ultraman.  That’s just 6 weeks left.  3 more “hard” weeks, then taper.

This week has been pretty intense.  Put in 12,000 yards of swimming on Thursday (yeah baby!) and a 5 hour ride today (a walk in the park).  This weekend I have a 10 hour ride on Saturday, then a 4 hour run on Sunday, capping a 26 hour training week.  Feeling strong!
After this weekend, things will begin to shift a bit.  Weekdays will become progressively lighter, but I still have 3 Race Simulation weekends — doing 80 – 90% of the Ultraman double Ironman distance on each of the next three Fri/Sat/Sun cycles.  Then the taper.
Recovery is good, endurance is huge, confidence is growing and speed is on the horizon.  But the reality of the task at hand is also starting to become very real.  I wouldn’t say daunting, but real.  Let’s say I have a healthy respect for the intensity of my goal….
I’ll check in on Monday….

One Comment

  • Urban Vegan says:

    Wow. And I was happy because I ran 7 miles last week.

    Keep on keepin’ on. You’re doing us vegans–and everyone–proud!

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