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More Thoughts on EPIC5…

By January 19, 2010No Comments

5 Ironmans. 5 Islands. 5 Days.

Yeah baby!

In just 8 weeks from now, Jason Lester and I will embark on a journey to do something that has yet to be done in endurance sports (something that is becoming increasingly rare these days!). We will attempt to complete 5 ironmans in 5 consecutive days on the 5 islands of Hawaii. On March 17 we will start on Kauai, then Oahu, Molokai, Maui and finish on the Ironman World Championship course on the Big Island.

We call it EPIC5.

This is an adventure that Jason has been working on for about 3 years. Over the last year he has been nailing down the route, logisitics and support, both ground and air. I have known about his quest for some time, but it has always been “his thing”. The idea was that Jason would attempt this solo. I planned on supporting him, possibly even crewing for him.

Then 2 weeks ago he asked me to join him. To do it with him. Together. Wow. How could I pass something like that up? Then I looked at my belly. I had taken 6 weeks off. Absolutely no training. I was getting progressively more and more out of shape and this thing would be when??!?! In 2 months!?! Good God. I have to do it and yet panic set in. There just isn’t enough time to get back in shape for something like this. I need at least 6 months!

Then Jason reminded me of THE crucial fact about EPIC5 – it’s a journey, not a race. Its about doing it together and experiencing the islands. Its not about time or place or anything remotely resembling competition.

I took a big breath in and smiled. I had found my next challenge and suddenly swelled with that sweet and rare excitement that tingles the spine when you know – really know – you have found the next thing that captures your imagination.

Stay tuned. Jason and I will both be hitting you with more info, updates, videos and blogging soon. Its going to be quite literally EPIC!

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