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Let’s Talk About Meditation

By January 31, 20162 Comments

I’m not an expert on meditation. But I have learned a few things. If you are interested in meditation but struggle with how to begin or cultivate a consistent practice, here are a few things I have picked up along my journey. I hope you find it helpful.


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I hope you find this video fun and helpful!

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  • Jason says:

    RRP REQUEST: Jon Kabat-Zinn

    He’s got a phd from MIT is mollecular biology, yet is a zen master

  • Lisa Ray says:

    Like you, I have struggled with cultivating a consistent meditation practice. I’ve purchased the Charlie Knolls program on MindBodyGreen, I’ve used Headspace, and I’ve used Julie’s Jai Release program (I thought the humming meditation was going to be my break-through, but even tho I love it, it still didn’t click for me as a long-term solution.) Then I found what I was looking for, when I wasn’t looking for it đŸ™‚ of course. After doing a New Year’s Day “Polar Plunge” this year (in Pittsburgh, PA – 40 degree water, 32 degree air temp that day), a friend sent me a link to Joe Rogan’s interview with Wim Hof “The Ice Man”. I was fascinated by his story and his methods. I struggle with depression, and have personally found ice cold showers to sometimes help. So I purchased his $200 10-week program. I absolutely love it, but I’m not even suggesting the whole program for everyone – just what leads up to his meditation. He has you do 3 – 4 rounds of a sequence of breathing exercises (which can be found online for free) then after one final set, you do as many push-ups as possible without breathing. After this you meditate. It is during these sessions of meditation that I have had my breakthrough! His breathing exercise just seem to put you in the perfect state for meditation. I feel like sharing it with the world….but it’s not suitable for the whole world of course. Just like anything else, it’s only beneficial for those seeking it. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on Wim Hof!

    Podcast Listener since the beginning!
    Lisa Ray

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