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Let’s Talk About Community

By February 13, 20162 Comments

“We’ve detached from the benefits and the beauty that can be experienced by a more collective, communal way of approaching our daily lives — and I think that is fundamentally wrong.”

It really does take a village.

Cultivating community is embedded in our ancestral DNA. But the gestalt of modern life leaves us isolated — cloistered in our homes, cars and apartments — and left to fend for ourselves. I think that is fundamentally wrong. So we decided to convert our family home into a shared communal living space. Here’s what it looks like:

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  • Lance Warley says:

    I’m an avid follower of your podcasts, but the more I listen, the more confused I get about nutrition best practices. This also applies to other podcasts I follow, such as Tim Ferriss and Ben Greenfield.

    I get it that there’s no nutritional silver bullet, it’s a journey, lots of inaccurate historical baggage created more by profit motives than by science. Good to know but also doesn’t help my situation.

    I have Achilles tendinitis. I’m 66, I play racquet sports and hope to continue playing for many years. Doctors, including specialists, tell me there is no cure, just ice, rest, stretching and anti-inflammatories such as Advil or Aleve. I do all these things, but the pain persists.

    The recent podcast with highly respected Rhonda Patrick was particularly confusing and turned into psychobabble for me. It seemed that every recommendation was couched with a “could” or “might;” a certain culture is good for your large intestine but, then again, the culture itself doesn’t produce enough to really help; vitamin C is an antioxidant but it’s also
    sometimes a pro-oxidant, etc. etc.

    If you were asked for the best specific (not general, like go vegan), single, science-based nutritional remedy for Achilles tendonitis, as far as a single food or a single supplement, what would you recommend?

    Does consensus on such a single recommendation exist, based upon the community of cutting edge, outlier thinkers you speak with? Thanks.

  • Cindy says:

    Lance, just read your post. Thought I would direct you to another source/viewpoint on your Achilles issue. You might read up on Katy Bowman, Her viewpoint would be a biomechanical one rather than nutritional, but I have found tremendous help and have in fact just started a certification process with her work. I started going to one of her students last spring following breast cancer surgery (I am 59). You might want to get a copy of her books esp. in your case Whole Body Barefoot and Move Your DNA. HTH!

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