Jai Ultra Kona Update :: Lester & I Brew the Dakine

In a previous post last week, Jason and I brewed up a fruit based-based veggie-mix. Today we walk you through a vegetable-based brew in the below video and discuss our goings on at less than two weeks out from the Ultraman World Championships.

Sundays are generally a big run day — at least 3-4 hours of running. But this Sunday all I had was a 1 hour swim workout. Taper officially on. I almost don’t know what to do with myself. I am preparing for that uncomfortable feeling that always comes with the first week of a true taper. The body is so acclimated to the heavy volume, the constant battering, that it basically becomes confused when very suddenly this stops happening. Swimmers know — for a few days you feel lousy. Then you start to bounce off the walls. Its a fun roller coaster ride I have been looking forward to for a long time. Let it begin!

Today I will work in a 2 hour ride with one hard 45 minute climb and call it a day. Fine, as I have a ton of work to catch up on — lawyerly responsibilities calling my name.

I am so grateful to be here, but I’m missing my family a lot. My daughter Mathis sent me an adorable e-Card yesterday — it was so cute and all I wanted to do was hug her. And little Jaya skinned her knee at the beach back home. Julie had to hold her for hours. I was yearning just to hold her as well. And Jaya is not the only thing Julie is holding. She is carrying loads of energy — not just with all the kids, but big energy for me, for Jason and for our family journey. I can’t wait for them all to arrive.

And looks like my crew is finally coming together. I am blessed to have Mike Field as my paddler. This guy is not only one of the best competitive paddlers on the Island, but anywhere. He is a STUD. I have been trying to connect with him since I arrived, but he has been a bit under the weather. 2 days ago I walked into the local burrito shop when a guy rolls up on me and says “Are You Rich?” Sure enough — Mike Field, divine providence bringing us together. He has great energy and is super psyched to work with me. Were going to actually go out in the bay and practice our strategy, nutrition handoffs, etc. Awesome.

As for the bike / run legs, Julie has landed a fascinating couple who will be making the trip — Alan Blackburn and Nicole Duran. I have yet to meet them in person but spoke to Alan the other day and am very excited about having him on board. I’ll post later on these 2 fascinating people.

On to the nutrition. In this video we throw alot of stuff into the VM, so thought I would just note it in writing with some other things I may have added had we had them stocked:

Ginger Root
Red Pepper
Star Fruit
Apple Juice (just a small amount)
Flax Oil (or Flax Seeds)
Hemp Oil
Coconut Oil (tablespoon each of the oils)
Hawaiian Sea Salt (white or red)
Chia Seed

I hope you enjoy this video. Of course, more to come!