Introducing The Plantpower Way!

“This is not your typical recipe book. It is a book about hope, and the universally shared belief that any one of us can be better . . . You will not find better guides in that quest.”

CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta, M.D.

It’s been a long road. Over two years in the making. And now, finally, it’s almost here.

Julie and I are thrilled to finally and formally announce the impending release of The Plantpower Way, hitting bookstores April 28.

This book is a labor of love. It’s a family affair. And we simply cannot wait to finally share it with you.


When Finding Ultra* came out in 2012, I was overwhelmed by the response. I thought it would sell at best a few thousand copies and could have never imagined it would strike the chord it did. Today it exists in seven languages, continues to top charts on Amazon and reaches new people every day across the globe. Words cannot express my gratitude that people have found and continue to find inspiration and hope in my story.

In the wake of the book’s release, I wanted to find new ways to continue the conversation that began with Finding Ultra. A dialog not about me, but one that would transcend my story to address the larger issues raised. Subjects like the state of health care in America; strategies and solutions for preventing and reversing the chronic illnesses that unnecessarily plague millions; and our inherent power and responsibility as consumers to promote positive change through our words, through our actions and through the dollars we choose to spend.

This conversation took the form of my podcast, another lark of an idea I thought would at best corral a tiny audience. Instead, the weekly long-form interview show took off. It’s been a little over two years since it’s inception and I am proud to say we have amassed a loyal, passionate and devoted following. With well over 5 million downloads to date, the show is now one of the most highly regarded and top ranked podcasts on the Internet, enjoyed in almost every country in the world and continuing to grow at a phenomenal rate. No small thing when you consider there are more than 250,000 podcasts and iTunes is currently processing 2,000 – 3,000 new shows every week. This endeavor has enriched my life in ways that defy words and I cannot express the level of gratitude I feel knowing it is helping untold others.

Looking at it as a whole, I consider the podcast a grand tapestry of conversations that somehow congeal to echo one consistent message. And that message is this: health transcends the food on your plate. It’s much more than the workout of the day, or the latest superfood craze. True wellness  is a highly integrated, balanced approach to cultivating mind, body and spirit harmony. It’s as much about community, purpose and authenticity as it is about diet. Moreover, true wellness is not an elitist ideal, but rather something quite accessible to all of us. Irrespective of age or circumstance, every single person has the inherent power to unlock and unleash a healthier, more authentic version of him or herself.

Despite all the content I continue to generate via the podcast, this website, my wellness advocacy, public appearances and beyond, Julie and I are still inundated daily with questions just like these:

So what do you guys actually eat?
How do I start?
How can I get my kids to make healthier choices?
Is it possible to eat well on a budget?
How can I make delicious, nutritious meals without spending all day in the kitchen?
And of course…Where do you get your protein?

A thought occurred to us — I think it’s time for the next book.

A cookbook.

To be sure, there is is no shortage of amazing vegan and plant-based cookbooks and resource manuals out there. Everything from high end gourmet and foodie friendly tomes on one end of the spectrum all the way to The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition on the other end. Vegan baking, making the ultimate smoothie, and how to Thrive.

Everywhere we looked, amazing stuff. So what could Julie and I possibly bring to this conversation that hasn’t already been said?

Then a rather shocking discovery. Pouring through the shelves at our local Barnes & Noble, we noticed that there didn’t seem to be a single cookbook that spoke directly to the concerns of the typical modern family.

How does this book not exist?

So Julie and I started to think about how we could provide real, tangible guidance for the soccer moms and softball playing dads with young kids just looking to live a little healthier. Normal people searching for a simple, solid roadmap to make better choices at the market and in the kitchen. A book that would really address the true needs of everyday, budget-conscious folks too busy to study nutrition yet seeking answers. A book that would guide, educate and inspire people to adopt healthier eating and lifestyle habits and instill such habits in their children.

Visualizing such a book was easy. Because it’s just a natural, authentic extension of our every day family lifestyle.

plantpowerWay-vid_thumbnail3 640


The Plantpower Way is our answer to these questions, and so much more. Bursting with inspiration, practical guidance, and beautiful four-color food and lifestyle photography, it features more than 120 delicious, easy-to-prepare whole food recipes, including hearty breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, plus healthful and delicious smoothies and juices, and decadent desserts. Simply put, Julie is an insane chef. The recipes are incredible, certain to delight even the most finicky or carnivorous of your clan.

Its been a long road to get this book right. We’re proud to stand tall today and finally invite you in for a glimpse of what we have created.

A book you will love.
A book you will use.
A book you will give as a gift and proudly display on your coffee table for friends to peruse.
But most of all, a book that could change your life.

Have a look at the trailer video above.

Understand that greater health is always within your grasp.

Then take our hand.

And make the leap.

Because there is a better way. It’s called The Plantpower Way.

Peace + Plants,


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