Training for Your First Half-Marathon? Then This is For You!

Training for your first half-marathon and want to do it right on a plant-based diet?

Then please check out my friend Matt Frazier from the popular website No Meat Athlete, who just published a FREE 16-page PDF report entitled 15 MISTAKES THAT CAN CRUSH YOUR HALF MARATHON DREAM. The report covers 15 crucial mistakes first-time half marathoners make when they train, and how you can make sure you avoid them. In addition, it includes some major training, nutrition, and mental errors that beginners often don’t even realize they’re making.

Did I say its FREE? You can’t beat that. So just click here to view more details and to download your free report now.

On top of that, anyone who registers for or downloads the free report will also receive more good half marathon content and video from No Meat Athlete later this week. So basically there is zero downside here.

Last year Matt put out a fantastic e-book entitled The Vegetarian Guide to Conquering Your First Marathon– you might have seen me promote it. Why? Because the content is great. If you didn’t catch it, check out my previous blog post HERE. I highly recommend checking it out. Click here to view more details.

Download….and ENJOY!