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Bengal Tigers, Navaratri, Durga, “Life” and a 40 Miler….

By October 3, 2008One Comment

Well, its been an interesting few days.

First, we rented our house out to NBC to shoot the prime time TV show “Life”.  We live in a modern architectural home and it has been an attractive destination for location productions over the last few years.  In fact, its been a great side business.  But over the last year, it has dried up somewhat.  Money has been quite tight and I have had alot of anxiety about how I am going to incur all the expenses of Ultraman.  Its not a cheap endeavor.  I need flights, hotel rooms, bike transport, minivan rental, crew costs, lots of food.  I need to put up and feed my crew.  I need alot of extra bike equipment.  I need race wheels.  A new wetsuit.  New cycling shoes.  Lots of stuff.  Believe me, it all adds up.  I truly didn’t know how I was going to swing it all.  But I had faith that getting to UM was consistent with God’s plan for me.  And God delivered.  This 3 day shoot will pay alot of bills and cover my trip.  Just in time.  So grateful.  And the irony that the shoot is for a television show called “Life” is not lost on me.
But what is really cool, interesting and more than auspicious is that there were 3 Bengal Tigers at my house for the last couple days.  These supreme cats were part of the shoot.  On Wednesday the cats arrived and they spent the day acclimating to the environment.  My wife took some amazing photos and video of these spectacular creatures walking around our house on leashes, on the pool deck, in our living room (I will post them later).  It was simply amazing.  But what is more incredible (bordering on stupefying) is the fact that the day they arrived happend to coincide with the first day of “Navaratri”, which is one of the biggest celebrations in Hinduism, particularly in the BENGAL region of India. It is the celebration of the goddess “Durga” — a fierce warrior goddess that rides a BENGAL TIGER.  Navaratri is the celebration of the warrior spirit, the manifestation of abundance and creative wisdom. Needless to say, I find this mindblowing “coincidence” to be quite a good and auspicious sign.  An infusion of warrior energy for my training and a solid high five from the Creator that I am meant to go to Hawaii!
Tomorrow I attempt my first 40 mile run.  And I will take the warrior spirit of Navaratri with me.  Should be quite an experience.  Report to follow……

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