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Today on the show, my main man Dr. Shay Shani — founder of Shani Clinic in Westlake Village, California– the guy who keeps me injury free and my body functioning at 100%. 

As a board certified chiropractor, he makes sure I’m always properly aligned.  But to say he’s just a chiropractor is to vastly understate the scope of Shay’s gifts. With advanced post-doctorate training in Functional Blood Chemistry and Functional Endocrinology, an unparalleled compassion for his patients and acute ability to get results, he is a rarity in the medical community for his keen focus not on treating symptoms but rather on uncovering the root cause of ailments, utilizing the most advanced non-invasive and all natural treatments to help patients with all varieties of chronic disease that do not improve in the current medical model. 

Having Shay in my life has undoubtedly made me a better athlete.  And more importantly a better man.  I’m proud to call him my friend.  And even prouder to help share his powerful message with you.  So do yourself a favor. Strap in. Open your ears.  Learn.  And enjoy.

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