James “Lightning” Wilks: From Ultimate Fighter To Plant-Based Crusader

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UFC / MMA / BAMF James “Lightning” Wilks joins the podcast to talk PlantPower nutrition, what it’s like to grapple in the UFC, his experience winning Season 9 of “The Ultimate Fighter”, his thoughts on “low carb” and Paleo-style diets, updates on the development of his documentary on plant-based athletes and how he fuels for performance.  Not only is James quite intelligent & extremely articulate, his knowledge and passion when it comes to plant-based nutrition is palpable.  I hope you enjoy the interview.

Also, thanks Ed Gutentag– cinematographer extraordinaire — David Kitay and team for dropping by the garage to film today’s episode.  At the moment, this is a rather low fi version of the HD film.  Given that it is a video in excess of 90 minutes it was the only way to get it up without a 48 hour upload time.  However, I’m a luddite when it comes to properly configuring HD video for YouTube, so I’ll try to get this figured out and swap it out for a better resolution version.  Apologies for a few audio tweaks in the video – a humming noise for a few minutes in the middle — this is our first attempt at video and we’ll get better as we go.

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