Vinnie Tortorich Returns

Buckle up! Back by popular demand,  the controversial and outspoken Vinnie Tortorich — “America’s Angriest Trainer” and my favorite guy to ride a bike with — returns to the podcast as my first repeat guest so we can throw down and get to the bottom — for the very first time — of what constitues the most ideal diet.  Is it “low carb” (Vinnie)? Or “plant-based” (Rich)?  Maybe something in between or alternatively something else entirely?

There can only be one winner in this argument, right?  Tune in to find out.  And we’ll let you be the judge.  Whether or not you end up with some greater conviction or just more confused, only you can say.  At a minimum, and wherever you come down on the debate, you will feel moved by Vinnie’s frankness about his past & continuing battle with leukemia.

At one point in the interview, Vinnie makes the very controversial statement that there is no correlation between dietary fat and cardiovascular disease.  Just so we are clear, I do not share this view.  Give me an opportunity to dig into the research a bit more thoroughly and I will return to the blog and/or podcast with my supported findings.

NOTE: Despite my admonishments after his last tour on the show about keeping it all family friendly, Vinnie couldn’t help himself and went off script with a few explicit lapses of the tongue.  Nothing crazy, but just a heads up if you’re blasting it at work or happen to be unusually squeamish.  Apologies, but give him a break — he is, after all, America’s Angriest Trainer and has a reputation to maintain.


Thanks for the support and enjoy the show!


Wikipedia: Saturated Fat & Cardiovascular Disease Controversy

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