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Running Raw With Tim Van Orden

By February 5, 2013June 14th, 202318 Comments


Raw vegan runner extraordinaire Tim VanOrden joins the show to discuss his journey with food, how he re-discovered a passion for running that led him to 9 U.S. Masters Trail Championship victories, his holistic approach to life and how he makes it all work on a 100% entirely raw plant-based diet.

Along the way, we talk specifics about:

  • aerobic zone training
  • finding the joy in racing & training
  • the perils of becoming pigeonholed by labels
  • the importance of microbial health
  • what it’s like to race up the Empire State Building
  • his thoughts on supplementation, and
  • the ever-present protein question

I thought I knew a lot, but Tim enlightened me on more than a few issues and it was a pleasure interviewing him.

NOTE: apologies for the poor audio quality of the Skype interview. There is a persistent static hum that I could not eliminate and the levels are — well, let’s just say — a wee bit off.  I am still new at all this and obviously still have a few things to learn. Production quality is important to me, so I am truly sorry for the issue. Hopefully, Tim’s passion and sagaciousness will overshadow the annoyance, and all I can say is that I promise to do better next time.

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Thanks for the support and hope you enjoy the show!



  • Alexandru Constantin says:

    Hi Rich. You both are one of my favorite athletes I found.So it’s ifantastic to hear you both in this place. I stumble upon a doctor who really nailed it a bit more on the maniacal question: ” Whre do you get your protein?”. I hope you find it interesting as well: or…if it doesn’t work,just write this on
    youtube: Dr. Tel Oren (MD): The Truth about Protein

    With great appreciation,

    Alex 🙂

  • I flip for Tim!!! Everyone should come see him speak at The 3rd Annual Woodstock Fruit Festival…Now you have to be there Tim! Tim has been a tremendous inspiration because he walks the walk and talks the, he is so bright and has so much passion and dedication to finding the best information and passing it onto others. He is all heart! That’s why I and so many others HEART Tim Van Orden! His passion is amazing!!!! Keep it going Tim!

  • jason says:

    what an interesting guy… Great interview Rich.. seems like you could go so many directions and Tim would have interesting takes on it.. smart guy. Would love to hear him on the show again

  • Rachel says:

    I love your podcast. Every interview has been interesting and inspiring. Thank you for all you and Julie do. It is really appreciated. Also, I’ve heard you mention that most of your audience is probably U.S.-based. Although I am American, I live in Singapore. And I’ve told many of my non-American (and American) friends about you. Don’t underestimate the scope of your reach! You’re inspiring people around the globe. And lastly, I really want to also thank your guests for the willingness to spend *time* talking with you in a deep and meaningful way. Time is one of our most precious gifts, and all that you and your guests give is sincerely appreciated!

  • Jim Newell says:

    What Tim said. All of it. Thanks. I live it in moments but will do my best to live it with my life.

  • Amazing attitude, great wisdom.

  • Monique says:

    Rich, this was a fantastic interview. Tim is da bomb. This is the first I had heard of him so thanks very much for the introduction.

  • Epic interview gentlemen! Downloaded it on my ipod, listened while fixing my bike, enjoyed every minute. Don’t worry about the sound quality Rich, didn’t bother me at all, even with headphones on. Peace.

  • Scott Ormond says:

    Probably the best and most informative podcast I have ever heard. I listened twice and reaped fields of new and useful information. You are doing a great work Rich. Endure. Thank you so much Tim. I like the ideas about shyness. That was really profound. Also, local runner Rickey Gates hittin’ the stair climbing scene. Look out for him!! scottyO-Aspen

  • Mark Petrie says:

    The single best podcast I’ve ever heard. Set aside raw, vegan, performance labels for a minute and let’s look under the covers. By doing so, we begin to truly excel.

    Check out two marvelous and reflective human beings and open the mind. Highly recommended!

  • Kelly Mahoney says:

    First time I heard Tim talk about amino acid transporters and dominant amino acids. Haven’t heard this in his Youtube vids. A brief Google search didn’t reap much. Could Rich or Tim provide a link or two about this topic?

  • Yet another great podcast! The Rich Roll podcast is my number 1 favorite and I look forward to each new episode – in depth discussions with very interesting guests. Tim’s story is a great one and I really enjoyed this while out on my long run. Keep up the great work!!!

  • Ian says:

    Great interview! But what’s up with the Ayn Rand quote? Before you say “I love you” you must love the I? I understand his use of this comment to express his feelings about giving off love that attracts other people. But please, quote anyone else but the women who also says altruism is evil. It doesn’t mix well with his comment on how “shy people are self-centered” and that he never wants to be one of those again.

  • Ann says:

    SO HELPFUL to hear Tim talk about how he hacks his depression, and his holistic perspective on it. Thank you Rich for turning me onto yet another gem of a human being!

  • Bec Suardana says:

    Hi Rich, have only just got on to your podcasts (via the Welless Guys in Oz) so I pick them out randomly and I love them. This one with Tim – I learned a lot especially about B12 and amino acids and I love your generosity with knowledge your sway towards our spiritual journey. Thanks so much.

  • Richard Halluk says:

    great podcast (again) – I think you guys chatted about iTunes university – can you post some of Tim’s favs?

  • Tommy F says:

    This is what’s so great about the RRP.. discovering relatively obscure people doing extraordinary things. Totally loved the story of how Tim woke up late for a race, jetted over there, somehow navigated his way to the back of the pack, and inadvertently affected thousands of runners with the Vegan (Plant-Based) message. Awesome!

  • Josh Meckel says:

    Wow!!! This is another simply incredible podcast. The bit that starts at 1:34 and goes through to the end was so powerful. I am already sharing what I learned about protein in this episode with others! Thanks!!!!

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