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The wildly inspiring Byron Davis joins the program to share his story and tools to “Live Your Epic Life.”  A gifted, highly dynamic, charismatic & articulate conversationalist, his story of humble beginnings, Olympic dreams and service to help other’s unleash their inner potential is certain to strip you bare of excuses and motivated to set a new and committed course towards self-discovery and personal transformation.  Open your ears, heart and mind and let Byron help lead you there.

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Byron Davis’ “Live Your Epic Life” Website

Byron Davis’ “Unleash the Unstoppable You” Website

Annett Davis’ “Get Fit With Annett” Website

Byron on Twitter @ByronDavis7

Byron Davis’ Bid to Become the first African American Swimmer to make the US Olympic Team – 1996 100 Fly Olympic Trials Final

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  • jason

    another great one.. I ve told so many people about this podcast. Keep getting better

  • b

    Agreed, another amazing inspiring podcast. I have an idea for one, do you have any information about being vegan and celiac/gluten free? how to get optimal nutrition and avoid low energy? It might have been your podcast but i heard somewhere that celiacs are more prone to depression, so how to avoid that too.

    also, you’ve mentioned not needing as much supplemental protein in your diet as one would assume. Could you give more information about that and whether that’d be different for a vegan athlete doing more weight type training?

    ok thats two… :)

  • Ryan

    I love these podcasts so much and how realy they are! As an aspiring young athlete, and having similar interests in improving my life THIS has really been a big help and opened my mind to NEW dimensions. Thank you guys for the wonderful sharing of knowledge that takes place on these podcasts.

  • Xana

    Rich, your podcasts are awesome. I really don’t notice time going by. I have heard this interview about 3x now, and every time I get a new concept, a new idea for training and for life (and also subscribed to Byron’s unstoppable you). Please keep up your good work, I have been showing your podcast to my friends and all of them become addicted.

    Thanks for sharing your life and your thoughts. Thanks Julia too. And the plants: I have been slowly but steadily embracing a plant life! Your recipes in the cookbook are great and easy to follow, even for a person not used to cook.

    Thank you for taking time to do your podcast. Thanks for helping me changing my life, so that I can be a better me. OBRIGADO :-) Xana

  • Maggie

    Hey Rich – For some reason my iTunes subscription missed this one and Tim VanOrden, I want to listen obviously :) I can’t figure out how to get it into my itunes – when I clicked on your download button it didn’t do anything, just played it for me from here. Got any insight for this not very techie follower?

    Thanks so much!

    • Maggie Savage

      Nevermind Rich, I figured it out :) Can’t wait to listen to them!

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  • Guest

    Wow, what a podcast. Such an inspiring message from Byron. This was my favorite episode yet and that says a lot considering most of them have been pretty awesome. Keep up the great work Rich (and Julie)!

  • JasonRH

    Wow, what a podcast. Such an inspiring message from Byron. This was my favorite episode yet and that says a lot considering most of them have been pretty awesome. Keep up the great work Rich (and Julie)!!

  • Tommy F

    Let your failures form the soil where seeds of your future success are planted. Such a great positive message from Byron! Hope to hear from him again on the RRP.

  • Josh Meckel

    This was a really great episode. Thank you for creating it. He is definitely a powerful motivational speaker.