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Path to Olympic Gold – Mind Over Matter (Part 2)

By June 5, 2014January 18th, 20249 Comments

Welcome to Part 2 of my conversation with the lovely Rebecca Soni!

To recap from Monday, Reb is a two-time World Swimmer of the Year; a multiple Olympic gold medalist & World Record Holder; a six-time NCAA Champion; a giant inspiration, especially to young women across the globe; as well as a beach dweller, dog owner, basic delight & overall legend now focused on giving back to sport through Atlas Ventures— brain training young athletes on the mental aspects of peak performance along with her best friend and fellow Olympian Ariana Kukors.

If you have not yet listened to Part 1 of our sit down, check that out first.  Then tune in here.  It just gets better as it goes.

I hope you enjoy the show.  Let me know what you think in the comments section below. And if you have been enjoying the show, tell a friend!

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  • Farmer Diddley says:

    This episode in the iPhone Podcast app stops abruptly at the 54 minute mark. Can that be fixed?

  • richroll66 says:

    works fine in my iPhone podcast app and no other complaints – try quitting the app and re-opening or rebooting your phone perhaps?

  • Farmer Diddley says:

    I deleted the episode and then re-downloaded it. Works great now. Sorry to have bothered you. BTW, I love your show… Best podcast on the planet. Keep doing what you’re doing. The inspiration and motivation I receive from your show is truly a gift, and is changing my life. Thank you.

  • jasonkroll says:

    Awesome 2-part podcast! I LOVE to listen to top performers share their thoughts. She’s been there and she knows. Total credibility.

    That said, I would be interested in a 10-year follow up on how her thinking changed (if at all) as she moves out of the highly structured and regimented and “protected” world of swimming and academics into the sometimes hard realities of the “real” world which requires balancing countless and ever-competing priorities, including marriage, parenthood, employment, etc.

    I’ll be looking for that podcast in June, 2024! 🙂

  • Jeremy Bell says:

    yikes… excellent interview, but she sounded so guilty trying to dodge the “doping” questions. There are just too many books and personal accounts of doping culture in professional sports for one to act all innocent when people around them are being popped for doping. “I’m on just spinach and water…” ehhh pretty sure we’ve heard that a million times before.

    I don’t say this to pass moral judgement, I actually understand why pros dope and think its the fault of our culture rather than the athlete. She probably could build a larger audience if she was just honest about it.

  • jasonkroll says:

    She was dodging questions about her friend. She was extremely direct about her own actions, dodging nothing. You can believe her or not, but she was not evasive with respect to her own doping.

    She’s not going to throw her friend under the bus. It’s not her job to convict or speculate about another athlete. I would do the same for my friend.

  • Jeremy Bell says:

    I understand, and probably would do the same thing in her situation. I just know that its so much more… refreshing when an athlete opens up and is completely honest – for example Tyler Hamilton’s “The Secret Race”.

    However, I don’t fault her. Exposing the sport would mean an instant shunning and rejection of her from that group of people. And I can’t expect her to willingly walk into that.

    But we’ve heard her type of responses a million times. Go listen to old Lance Armstrong interviews. They’re racing against people doping, but they’re not doping….? In a sport where 1% means the difference between a medal or last place, I’m pretty sure she’s just covering her ass.

    By the way with her friend, “It was tainted cough medicine”. Oh God please! Even Rebecca sounded embarrased saying that.

  • Tyler Spaghetti says:

    So is she a vegan or WFPBD eater? ( Whole Food Plant Based Diet)

  • Monique says:

    On so many levels, I needed to hear this (as well as #88). Thank you, Rich & Rebecca.

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