Building a Legacy on Athleticism, Faith & Humility (Part 2)

Today were back with Ultraman competitor and EPIC5 finisher Christian Isakson for Part 2 of our conversation.

Thanks for all the great comments and feedback I received on social media this week in response to Part 1. If you haven’t listened to that one yet dial it up first before tuning in here

Part 2 just gets better. We delve into Christian’s racing. He walks us through his first-hand experience completing EPIC5 and what it took to put his imprimatur on last year’s Ultraman World Championships.

Then we turn to service. Christian’s commitment to giving back through his involvement with Chris Lieto’s non-profit More Than Sport and and his recent work in Kenya with Ameena Project.  And how faith, family and humility are keystones to remain grounded, focused and on point.

The message is this — if you want your life to have true meaning, satisfaction, fulfillment and a legacy of value, giving back in a meaningful way is essential.

If you are feeling adrift, Christian’s message will help right your ship. If he has inspired you to seek out a more fulfilling path for yourself but you’re just not sure how to embark on your own version of his story, then — as mentioned in the introduction to this episode — you might be encouraged by my new online course on entitled The Art of Living With Purpose– 2+ hours of streaming video content with an array of downloadable tools I learned, honed and devised to course correct my life — tools I continue to rely on to this day to keep my life focused and on track. Give it a look if it feels right to you.

I hope you enjoy Part 2 as much as Part 1. As always, let me know what you think in the comments section below and on social media.

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