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Why You Should Love Louder

By March 8, 2015January 31st, 20246 Comments

“For anybody out there who has been dealing with feeling less than because you were looking in your neighbor’s yard: celebrate what’s in your neighbor’s yard and I promise you, yours will be on its way.”

Preston Smiles

From a young, troubled gang member facing an almost certain future of jails and institutions to becoming one of today’s freshest voices in the conscious media movement, the life arc of  Preston Smiles  is something to behold. So it’s a pleasure to welcome my friend back to the podcast.

Inspirational speaker. Motivational messenger. Fount of creative positivity. All around solid, loving dude.

If you are relatively new to the RRP, I strongly suggest rewinding the podcast back to my first sit down with today’s guest (RRP #103) for the full Preston Smiles lowdown and origin story — a conversation that ranks right up there amongst some of the most popular and downloaded episodes in the history of the show.

I am proud to share this powerful conversation with you today. A conversation that traverses a tapestry of mental, emotional and spiritual topics and truisms, including healthy strategies for:

  • navigating relationship pitfalls;
  • overcoming the scarcity mentality;
  • learning how to access, attract and accept abundance into your life; and
  • why none of us should be afraid to love loudly in our quest to embrace our highest self.

I’m a better dude for having Preston in my life. I truly enjoyed this conversation and sincerely hope you do too.

Peace + Plants,


P.S. – To all you listeners in Australia: Preston is Down Under for the next few weeks, so let’s do him a solid. Hit him up on social media, show him a little Aussie love and let’s help him have the trip of his lifetime. Deal?

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  • Tommy F says:

    Rich and Preston.. thanks for leading the way in this mindfulness transformation taking place. Your efforts really cut down the wind resistance all of us in the middle of the pack face, so we can create a little wind resistance for those behind us. Working co-operatively together, we all win.


  • JasonRH says:

    Awesome episode, once again Preston delivers. I think Preston is going to become the Tony Robbins of Australia by the end of his trip.

    One thing you guys discussed that stood out to me is that there is a difference between superficially saying “I am ok with how you are acting towards me” when somebody or something pushes your buttons and actually at your core not being rattled by it. This made me think a lot about the act of forgiveness. Many people (yoga and meditation teachers, religious leaders, etc) tell us about the importance of forgiveness in being able to let go and move on, but there is a sharp difference between forgiving with your heart and just convincing yourself that you have forgiven when in fact that might not be the reality. As you guys mentioned, transformation takes time and I have found myself rushing my own process at times by not being honest about how I was truly feeling and just convincing myself that I felt otherwise. The phrase “don’t push the river” comes to mind.

  • Amazing episode! I have listened to this talk several times because I had to pause several times to reflect on how I identify with the discussion. Preston’s idea of “the double boomerang effect” is so powerful. I love how Rich built on this and said there are certain immutable laws of spirituality that are hard to comprehend — the idea that “what the universe is offering is actually infinite” — this is so profound. We can reflect each others positivity and amplify one another, if we start from a mindset of gratitude and service to each other rather than act from a place of “what’s in this for me.” So powerful. As I reflected on this, I had the thought that inspiration + collective action = true innovation — that’s how paradigms shift, how revolutions take hold. We need both to overcome our greatest challenges. Spreading the love…Namaste |

  • LA-Woman-2015 says:

    Great interview. Got some a-ha moments in there and the relationship tips on communication were very profound. I’m going to share the podcast with my best friend this weekend because we have been having some issues communicating and I think it will help me express how I feel. The one thing that I thought was a little off-putting and made me go “what”? was the fact that these two incredible men were actually passing the buck onto their women to talk to customer service peopel and handle the often frustrating task of calling a company to get an issue resolved. That seemed like a cop-out to me. It seemed like Rich and Preston just threw in the towel and let someone else handle the challenging taks of practicing patience instead of using the opportunity to practice patience, tolerance and understanding. We all have to deal with those things in day to day life. So for me it would have been more inspiring to hear encouragement in that area instead of just bushing it off to another person to handle for them ( like a wife or assistant ). Just my 2 cents. Otherwise I love the podcast listen to them all and find them inspiring! 🙂

  • Andrea Smith says:

    Amazing!! I loved the suggestion on turning off cell phone notifications and opening your heart every time you open an app! Excellent advice! Thanks!

  • Amy says:

    Picked a random older episode to listen to and Preston and his energy totally made my day! Love it. By the end I was laughing along with the conversation like I was a part of it.

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