Running Raw With Tim Van Orden

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Raw vegan runner extraordinaire Tim VanOrden joins the show to discuss his journey with food, how he re-discovered a passion for running that led him to 9 U.S. Masters Trail Championship victories, his holistic approach to life and how he makes it all work on a 100% entirely raw plant-based diet.

Along the way, we talk specifics about:

  • aerobic zone training
  • finding the joy in racing & training
  • the perils of becoming pigeonholed by labels
  • the importance of microbial health
  • what it’s like to race up the Empire State Building
  • his thoughts on supplementation, and
  • the ever-present protein question

I thought I knew a lot, but Tim enlightened me on more than a few issues and it was a pleasure interviewing him.

NOTE: apologies for the poor audio quality of the Skype interview. There is a persistent static hum that I could not eliminate and the levels are — well, let’s just say — a wee bit off.  I am still new at all this and obviously still have a few things to learn. Production quality is important to me, so I am truly sorry for the issue. Hopefully Tim’s passion and sagaciousness will overshadow the annoyance, and all I can say is that I promise to do better next time.

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