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How To Be ‘Self-Full’: Co-Dependency, Navigating Fear & Connecting With Who You Really Are

By July 1, 201515 Comments

“The reality is: if you’re not aligned in yourself, you’re not able to help. You’re really not in a place of being able to really be of service and that’s the beauty of going through a dark night or being pummeled a bit by life’s wonderful tumble-dry cycle.”

Julie Piatt

Time to step it up.

I am excited to announce that today marks my commitment to henceforth deliver two episodes of the RPP per week. Each week, from today forward I will post the show every Sunday night (as usual) plus every Wednesday night (late night Pacific Standard Time). Like today, sometimes it will be a Q&A episode; other times it will be the typical one-on-one guest format. Perhaps some of them will be topic-specific mini-sodes. Time will tell.

To kick off this new and exciting growth phase, Julie and I are back with another installment of Ask Me Anything — a twist on my typical format where we answer questions submitted by you, the listener. I absolutely love this format, primarily because it connects me more deeply and authentically with the global community of people who enjoy the show. Because community is truly what it’s all about.

It’s been an exciting time for us. In the last few months we launched The Plantpower Way and have been on the road spreading the word. Recently returned from an incredibly fruitful trip to New York City, Julie and I share a little behind the scenes and catch up on where things are headed with the podcast and our commitment to wellness advocacy.

Then the conversation turns to listener submitted inquiries. A conversation that explores:

  • Substance Abuse, Co-Dependency in Relationships
  • The ‘Self-Full’ Mandate
  • Our perspective on Plant Medicine Ceremonies
  • Strategies to Uncover, Address & Conquer Fear
  • Connecting With The Authentic Self Within
  • Adding Site Resources & Community Forum
  • The Importance of Good Deeds

The show concludes with I’m Here Now, written and performed by Julie (aka SriMati), accompanied by our sons Tyler & Trapper Piatt.

Thank you everyone who submitted the 100’s of questions we reviewed. If we didn’t get to yours (obviously chances are we didn’t), don’t be shy & keep them coming. Until we settle on a web-based means of collecting and organizing listener submitted inquiries (if you have ideas on the best way to do this I’m all ears), please send your questions to [email protected] and we’ll do our best to answer!

I sincerely hope you enjoy our discussion & look forward to your thoughts in the comments section below.

Peace + Plants,


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Production, music & sound design by Tyler Piatt. Additional production by Chris Swan. Graphic art by Shawn Patterson. End song I’m Here Now written and performed by Julie Piatt (aka SriMati), accompanied by Tyler & Trapper Piatt.


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  • Mark Robichaud says:

    Hey Rich and Julie – thanks for the awesome Podcast(s). I listened to your latest show this morning on my ride and it was terrific episode. Again I was reminded to lean into the whole mediation thing… seems to be the foundation of getting to be my best self. My experience so far has been it’s the hardest component of my evolving lifestyle, but it’s where I will experience the largest gains.

    Anyway just wanted to put my two cents into voting for a Rich Roll Community Forum. I enjoy the back and forth of the Forum environment and I think the Plant Powered People would create a really interesting, vibrant online community. Putting the right moderators in place is key.

    Also something to consider would be a Rich Roll Reddit page to deal with the email inquiries. Users upvote new questions and you could pick and choose which ones to personally engage with. Old or repeated questions are usually dealt with by a user linking to the previously submitted answer. Saves you from reading/answering the same question. Again, moderator is key. Also no reason to re-invent the wheel.

    Peace and Plants from Squamish BC

  • Jacqueline Curtis says:

    Very powerful podcast. Thank you for your tremendous honesty in answer to those questions. I really got a lot out of this one. That being said…I really liked your idea of the plant power meet-ups. I have been throwing around the idea of starting a vegan meet-up group in my area. I live in a small town approximately 50 miles outside of Portland, Oregon. Portland and the metro area has a NW Veg group that gets together for potlucks and sponsors education, etc. I contacted them about starting an extension in my town. They were very supportive but I just couldn’t get myself energized about the idea and I wasn’t sure why. When I heard your idea of the plant power meet-ups that really struck a chord. I feel that being plant powered is just the beginning. I feel that the meet-ups could support people in so many more ways. You know really help folks become “the best most authentic version of themselves.” It all fits together. Being vegan or plant powered is just one aspect. So as I develop this group I will keep you abreast. Your content, i.e., podcasts, books, etc., have helped me immeasurably and I would like to pass on some of your wisdom-not co-opt your ideas but pass them on.
    I feel like you and your family need to benefit from all the amazing wisdom you so freely share- so it got me thinking. You had mentioned something about a starter kit or starter resources that you make available on your site. I thought maybe you could do something like that for the plant power meet-up groups You know – templates, guidelines, resources that might help folks get these started. I belong to other groups-e.g., Farmers Market Coalition, that I had to pay to be a member of, small fee. For that small fee I am able to utilize their educational material, templates, resources, to help me in managing our local farmers market. Putting something together would be a lot of time and energy on your part and you should benefit. You are an entrepreneur after all. I just thought I’d throw that idea out to you-maybe you have already heard it.
    I will keep you up to date about how the plant power group takes shape here in Silverton, Oregon. Thanks so much for the great idea!

  • Carmela Rosas says:

    I am so happy I found your podcast!! just got your new book so beautiful! Can’t wait to come visit the Joi Café….keep inspiring!

  • Kevin Avery says:

    First-thanks so much for sharing your life experience so openly. As an alcoholic (sober for almost 20 years) and someone with addictive tendencies, I appreciate tremendously hearing about your ups and downs and wisdom that you both have picked up along the way.

    The ‘Self-Full’ podcast was particularly eye-opening for me. Although I haven’t had a drink in nearly two decades, what the two of you shared about co-dependency was a mirror I didn’t see coming. It created an opening for me to see some areas where I can catch myself slipping into a person I don’t want to be, as well as some tendencies where my sense of ‘self’ has become dependent on others.

    ‘Empowering’. That’s the word that describes what the podcast was! So thank you again for your openness and I can’t wait to hear more from the two of you!

    Kevin Avery
    Atlanta, Georgia

  • Peter Cloutier says:

    Rich & Julie,

    This is the one year anniversary of my journey with your podcast. As a young adult and recent college graduate I look up to both of you immensely and carry those bits of knowledge I gain from the podcast into my daily practice of becoming my best self. I agree with Kevin below; this episode was particularly empowering. As always, your vulnerability allows me to experience you two as if an extension of my family.

    Rich, as a young man, I am tremendously grateful for the impact you’ve had on my life. My parents are astounded with who I have transformed into this past year–from vegan, to runner, to small-business owner. You truly are an evangelist of transformation and wellness. Thanks for being a humble mentor to thousands upon thousands (millions?)

    Peter Cloutier

    And yo! where can I get a RR poster? I want to represent the PPW and RRP on my wall!

  • Tommy F says:

    Rich and Julie. Great Podcast. Super excited about your expressing a commitment to two podcasts each week. Can’t get enough RRP!!

    Loved the discussion about the use of medicinal plants for seeking enlightenment. So insightful that drugs are the ultimate “hack”, and meditation is the “real work” required to remove the heaviness that obscures our enlightened self. Drugs can give a glimpse of what’s there, but form dependence to sustain this glimpse. Then the glimpse closes up, and all we’re left with is the hell of dependence. Particularly insightful, is how we risk subjecting our selfs to dark energies when using drugs. Thanks for sharing your perspective. All the more reason to double-down on a meditation/mindfulness practice, in search of enlightenment.


  • Mitchell J. Katz says:

    I think a resource page would be great and may also have the added benefit of reducing some of the questions you get from us, your faithful followers!

  • Lisa says:

    I would love to start a plant powered meet up in Park City and Salt Lake. Amazing how “healthy” this town is and how few options for plant powered eating options. If you are ever in town the best place is Fairweather natural foods or several plant based restaurants in SLC.
    I also REALLY identified with the discussion on codependency. I unfortunately am a slow learner and keep meeting the same guy in different forms, so I pledge to choose myself. Also love Headspace and am meditating regularly now!

  • JasonRH says:

    These episodes are awesome, thanks for doing them!

  • Laura K says:

    Rich and Julie, this is my favorite of your ask me anything! Julie, I think your spiritual wisdom came through so clearly this time and i loved it! Really appreciate you (J) sharing more of your past and your journey. Great job RRP!

  • Mary says:

    I just want to say that the song at the end of this podcast really moved me. I just went through my first cycle of in-vitro fertilization which “failed” and there’s no real words for how it feels to really want to be a parent and to go through this rather trying process. Many couples do. It’s an exercise in hope and faith and tenacity. I’m incredibly grateful for my husband and my life overall, and for the privilege of trying this high tech western medicine, which my healthy body withstood like a champ. But this song – wow- the words seem to really capture how I feel after it all. Thank you.

  • Georgina Hoffmann says:

    Thank you Julie and Rich for another enlightening pod cast!! You truly are an inspirational team. Your different perspectives are enriching and thought provoking. Your honesty and authenticity is refreshing!!

    With regards to helping people on their Plant Powered Journey, an excellent resource is the PHYSICIANS COMMITTEE for RESPONSIBLE MEDICINE
    Dr.Neal Barnard founded this non-profit in 1985, this is a tremendous organization with extensive resources in all areas of health and nutrition and for learning about how to get started with a whole food plant based lifestyle. On the advisory board is T.Coilin Campbell, Ph.D ( CHINA STUDY author), Caldewll B.Esselstyn, Jr. M.D. ( PREVENT AND REVERSE HEART DISEASE author), John McDougall M.D. (THE STARCH SOLUTION author) and many more wonderful Plant Based pioneers. This is the most extensive and information packed Plant Based address based on scientific research. PCRM also has developed a program called the Food For Life program. Instructors teach how you can through nutrition, prevent and reverse different health issues.

    Wishing you all great health through Peaceful Plants!!
    In Gratitude,
    Georgina Hoffmann

  • StevenAK says:

    Ask Rich anything…OK.
    1. I dropped my daughter off at Chautauqua for a 5 week ballet / dance intensive. (She listens to the RRP with me) I was appalled at the food choices: soda, tater tots, fried and breaded veggies with butter, sugared cereals. How would you approach the program without being taken as a “helicopter parent?”

    2. You often say to try things and see how it works. Well—what about those that HAVE tried the vegan diet and it did not work for them, but eat a clean diet with meat and dairy? Isn’t that to be respected and, of course, much better than the SAD?


  • Simon Kinsler says:

    Great episode and that song at the end was just so beautiful. I’m downloading the album now.

  • Alicia Camenzuli says:

    Hi Rich and Julie,

    I have just been catching up on some podcasts I missed and am glad to have come back for this one. I am a 33yo student of Naturopathy in Brisbane, Australia. I am surprised and disappointed every week that my course does not support a plant based lifestyle but this makes me more motivated to succeed and be the light for those in my area who need my help, support and advice. I have many grand plans for the future! Listening to your podcast on the journey to and from school keeps me from feeling isolated and is helping me to expand my education. I really support the idea of having online information and forums. It may even help some of us to get in touch with each other in our own areas. Running changed my life and took me from the design industry to natural therapies. Now it’s all about making my diet as clean, delicious and applicable to others as possible (able to be an achievable example in other words) Thank you for the plant power way, the recipes and advice are perfectly in alignment with what I want to teach. I can’t wait to share this resource with my clients when I graduate. So good!!

    One question I have… With all of the transformation I seem to be constantly undergoing, I really feel the need for a spiritual mentor. I beginning a meditation practice and understand that we learn from everyone around us but feel the need for more than that to take things to the next level. I would like to know how to go about finding the right person and how to broach the subject when I do find them… Its not something I have ever thought about before.

    Thank you for all of your light and love, I will do my best to pass it on 🙂

    Alicia Camenzuli

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