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Rich Roll’s REPAIR is formulated by PLANTPOWER™ ultra-endurance athlete Rich Roll. REPAIR is a non-GMO, 100% Plantpowered custom proprietary blend specifically and scientifically devised to promote optimum long-term wellness, longevity and unparalleled athletic performance.

Serving Size: 1 Heaping Scoop (39.1 g)
Servings per Container: 15

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Product Description

Protein is Only Part of the Equation

There are many protein powders to choose from with whey protein isolate being the overwhelming favorite. Protein is just one component of recovery. Each serving has the following robust profile of plant-based ingredients:


PROTEIN – 24 Grams

A comprehensive, complete and balanced profile of essential and non-essential amino acids derived from a diverse combination of plant-based sources including pea and sprouted brown rice.


L-GLUTAMINE – 5,000mg

A critical and proven amino acid that advances recovery from exercise induced stress, expedites muscle repair, promotes strength gains, and stimulates fat loss.



Resveratrol, grape skin and other vegetable and fruit extracts specifically combined to combat inflammation and physiological damage incident to oxidative stress and promote optimum bodily repair and functionality.



A Chinese superfood linked to improved strength, energy, endurance and stamina. Cordyceps increase oxygen capacity and cardiac functionality, battle fatigue, boost immune system & sexual functionality, as well as promote longevity, mental health and blood pressure regulation.


Pea Protein Isolate, Brown Rice Protein, L-Glutamine, Natural Vanilla Flavor, VitaBerry Blend, VitaVeggie Blend, Cordyceps Extract, Resveratrol, Rhodiola Extract, Grape Skin Extract, Stevia Extract. Contains no yeast, wheat, soy, gluten, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.