Nutrition Spreecast with Ben Greenfield & Vinnie Tortorich

Join me, Ben Greenfield & Vinnie Tortorich on March 13 at 5:30pm for a live & interactive Spreecast video discussion on all things nutrition, endurance & fitness.

I’ve been a guest on Ben’s podcast a few times.  Then I hosted both Vinnie and Ben on my podcast.  Vinnie’s had me on his podcast twice.  And then Vinnie had Ben on his.  Call it podcast roundup.  So we thought — based on the feedback from our various audiences — that it would be cool to all get in the webcam at the same time to interact with everyone directly to address and answer your questions.

Don’t miss you chance to have your questions answered by us directly.

To learn more, visit the dedicated Spreecast page HERE.

See you soon!

(photo credit: Timothy Carlson)

  • Jason

    Hi Rich, have you heard of
    Dr. Alejandro Junger
    Medical Doctor, Creator of the Clean Program
    He has some pretty interesting views on wellness, I guess he has to given he’s started the Cleanse program. It’s a detox, but the recommended pre-cleanse food groups, and that for after the cleanse, are very wholefood focus, includes some meat protein, but is an interesting gambit on the whole debate that has been running. ?
    It would be interesting to hear Dr Junger’s views on your podcast, if you can get him.

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  • Andrew

    Thanks all for taking the time to do that.
    24/7 would be perfect streaming amount.
    Also, how would you feel about addressing alcoholism / recovery on your podcast?

  • http://www.facebook.com/RyanLum Ryan Lum

    to ben greenfied: you say people like myself and durianrider who eat a high carb plant based diet should have all sorts of health problems. but we don’t; i’ve not even had a cold in years. are you aware that harley posts his extensive blood test results a few times a year? i say let’s see your’s too since your mr. nutrition. hell, you can look at mine too.

    and you said harley was slow too. taking a look on strava, his 5k pr is 16:54 and a 34:31 10k. not bad for a 35 year old who should be half dead according to you. and i’m curious if you can beat those times considering you’re younger and eat meat plus take stimulants (coffee). you should be sub 16 minute 5k with all that in your favor.